Honors Program in the College of Chemistry

In Fall 2014, Berkeley Academic Senate approved our proposal to establish Honors Program in the College of Chemistry.  This new program offers students an opportunity to earn Honors with the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or Chemical Engineering by becoming involved in research in a particular research group for at least three semesters, maintaining a GPA of at least 3.4, and producing a senior honors thesis. 

If during your senior year you contemplate writing an honors thesis, please ask your research adviser* to discuss with you the scope and the outline of your thesis.  In order to proceed, you will need her/his consent to undertake this and therefor to enroll in H193, senior thesis course.  H193 should be taken during your last semester before graduation. 

To enroll in H193, your GPA must be at least 3.4, you must have accumulated at least 10 units of H194 research, and submit a one page abstract of senior thesis signed by your research adviser.

Students are also able to earn Honors in General Scholarship based on GPA alone.  This distinction does not require involvement in research.  At the completion of your studies, the type of honors you earned will be noted in your transcript. 

*Your research adviser may be a UC Berkeley faculty although not necessarily in the College of Chemistry, or a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  In either case, the subject of your research and your senior thesis must be in the general area of your major studies.