Academic Standing

What does it mean to be in "good academic standing"? What does 'probation' mean?

And what does it mean to be "subject to dismissal"?

In the College of Chemistry, when a student's cumulative (overall) and current (most recent term) grade point averages are 2.0 or better, that student is in good academic standing. If either the cumulative or current G.P.A. falls below 2.0, the student is on academic probation and is subject to dismissal.

While most students in the CoC are in good academic standing, occasionally — and for a variety of reasons, some beyond the student's control — some find themselves on academic probation and subject to dismissal.

Note that most students successfully overcome a period on academic probation and go on to have excellent careers after graduation from the CoC. Even subsequent dismissal is not the end of the world — in many cases, time away from Berkeley provides an important space for students to deal with issues that undermine academic success.

Remember that taking action early when you find yourself experiencing difficulties is generally more effective than reacting after it becomes an administrative problem for you. Your advisers in CoC's Undergraduate Student Services and the Undergraduate Dean are here to help — don't hesitate to reach out for more information and support.

Academic Probation
Readmission to the College of Chemistry After Dismissal
Readmission to the College of Letters & Science After Dismissal

Academic Probation

Students will be placed on academic probation if they do not achieve an overall and semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. Grades for courses taken in summer are not factored into probation status. Students on academic probation are placed under the supervision of the Undergraduate Dean and must meet regularly with their college adviser. Since no grade points accrue from courses taken on a Passed/Not Passed basis (making it more difficult to rise above a 2.0), you may not take courses P/NP (with the exception of physical education courses and courses offered only on a passed/not passed basis).


Students who are on academic probation for two consecutive semesters will be dismissed, although suspension is perhaps a more accurate term. Students who are dismissed are frequently eligible for readmission in a future semester. Note that due to the timeline for posting official grades, students may not be notified of their dismissal for several weeks after the end of the semester in question. Regardless of when a student receives official notification of the dismissal, students will not be allowed to continue in classes in the following semester once they are dismissed.

Readmission to the College of Chemistry After Dismissal

If a student has been dismissed from the College of Chemistry they may be eligible for readmission in a future semester, subject to approval by the Undergraduate Dean. To be eligible, the student must take at least a one-year break from UC Berkeley and at least one semester off from academics. After this break, the Undergraduate Dean may consider readmitting students who demonstrate that they identified and took tangible steps to address the challenges that led to their academic difficulty.

After one semester away from academics, students who believe they have addressed their challenges and who wish to enroll in courses at another institution, or at Berkeley through concurrent enrollment, must contact their CoC college adviser to discuss returning to academic study.

Readmission after dismissal will be considered if students meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Enroll for one semester or two consecutive quarters at another institution (normally a CA community college or UC Extension) for at least 12 units/term of transferable coursework that fulfills major requirements*
  • Receive Bs or better in major required courses
  • Demonstrate you have addressed the issues which led to your lack of academic success

In some cases, it may be best to apply for readmission to another college at Berkeley, or to pursue your education at another institution. Students who have been dismissed twice are not eligible to apply for readmission to the College of Chemistry.

* Students with a verified work schedule of 20+ hours/week may request to take fewer units/term.

Readmission to the College of Letters & Science After Dismissal

Students dismissed from the College of Chemistry who wish to pursue a major in L&S may be eligible to apply for readmission directly to L&S. However, to be eligible, you must follow these guidelines:


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College of Chemistry — Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Scholars Program

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Student Learning Center (SLC)

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