Laser pulses capture exploding chemical bonds

Background image: Yuki Kobayashi, graduate student
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image courtesy of Yuki Kobayashi
Polly Arnold

Polly Arnold to join Chemistry faculty

Arnold will also helm the Chemical Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley Lab as Director.

Tom Maimone, Chemistry and Wenjun Zhang, CBE

Tom Maimone and Wenjun Zhang receive Presidential Early Career Awards

The ward is the highest honor bestowed by the US Government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are beginning their independent research.

Dawn Shaughnessy

Stellar reactions in a galaxy not so far, far away

Alumna Dawn Shaughnessy generates some of the most extreme conditions in our solar system for high energy density experiments at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Omar Yaghi

Nano Research Award presented to Omar Yaghi

Yaghi has received the Nano Research Award for pioneering the new field of research known as reticular chemistry at the 14th Sino-US Forum on Nanoscale Science and technology.

Frontiers Medicines

UC Berkeley scientists launch startup to discover new drugs for cancer

Frontier Medicines launches $67M startup to develop novel medicines that target "undruggable" diseases

Alumna Frances Arnold turns microbes into living factories
Quantum dots are just as awesome as we'd hoped!

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