Archaea bacteria with CRISPR systems.

Smallest life forms have smallest working CRISPR system

An ancient group of microbes that contains some of the smallest life forms on Earth also has the smallest CRISPR gene-editing machinery discovered to date.

A single nanocluster of 22 gold atoms

Harvesting solar fuels through a bacterium’s unusual appetite for gold

M. thermoacetica first made its debut as the first non-photosensitive bacterium to carry out artificial photosynthesis in a study led by Peidong Yang, a professor in UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry.

Jennifer Doudna. Photo by Washington Post, Getty Images.

Doudna honored with highest American Cancer Society Award

The American Cancer Society will bestow its highest honor – the Medal of Honor – to five individuals on Oct. 18 in Washington DC. The recipients include the Honorable Joseph R. Biden Jr.; Jennifer Doudna, PhD; Charis Eng, MD, PhD; and Michael J. Thun MD, MS.

Michael O'Keefe and Omar Yaghi

Yaghi and O’Keeffe receive Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' award

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2019 Gregori Aminoff Prize in Crystallography to Michael O’Keeffe, Arizona State University, and Omar M. Yaghi, University of California, “for their fundamental contributions to the development of reticular chemistry”.

Clayton Radke recognized for outstanding GSI mentorship
Undergraduate advisor receives Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award

Watch Frances Arnold's commencement speech at Berkeley

frances arnold commencement

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