Department of Chemistry welcomes new faculty

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L'Oreal teams in New York

Undergraduate students compete in national L'Oréal Brandstorm competition

Two talented undergraduate teams, with members from the College of Chemistry and Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR), competed in this year's USA national L'Oréal

Richmond Sarpong

Richmond Sarpong awarded the A.R. Katrikzky Junior Award in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Professor Sarpong's research interests include the total synthesis of natural products with a keen eye toward the development of new synthetic methods and strategies.

Mars landscape

Peidong Yang's lab receives NASA challenge award

NASA has awarded the lab CO2 Conversion Challenge funding as part of their sustainability program to colonize Mars.

Paige Balcom

Students from UC Berkeley excel at "Big Ideas"

This year two teams from UC Berkeley, including students from the College of Chemistry, have won first place for their "Big Idea" projects.

researchers demonstrate a more efficient method for recovering uranium from seawater

Bio-inspired material targets oceans' uranium stores for sustainable nuclear energy

New research could help push past bottlenecks in the cost and efficiency of extracting uranium resources from oceans for sustainable energy production.

Imaging polymer’s atomic-scale structure
New manganese materials bolster cathode capacity

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