E Coli

New research illuminates E. Coli toxin cancer-causing mechanism

The restructuring of colibactin’s molecular scaffold provides a model for designing and synthesizing potent DNA cleaving agentsRead more>>

Paul Alivisatos and Charles Leiber

Paul Alivisatos announced as 2019 Welch Award in Chemistry recipient

Drs. Alivisatos and Lieber, highly-respected and influential leaders in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology are being recognized for their research.

AIChe Doing the World Good Gala event

Jay Keasling awarded AIChE medal

Keasling will be honored with the Doing the World Good Medal in December.

Rebecca Abergel

Anti-Nuclear-Contamination Pill Could Also Help MRI Patients

New research on a discovery by alumna Rebecca Abergel (Ph.D. '06, Chem) and her team could have far reaching implications on MRI patients.