Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family

Background image: three-dimensional cage structure of a schwarzite
Huimin Zhao and John Hartwig

New study published in Nature reports on a catalytic method that combines enzymatic catalysts with photocatalysts

Researchers have developed a new method that aids in the process of making valuable compounds by using a unique combination of catalysts.


Tying electrons down with nanoribbons

UC Berkeley scientists have discovered a new role for graphene: as nanoscale electron traps with potential applications in quantum computers.

Annelise Barron

Is the cure for Alzheimer’s hiding inside us?

Alumna Annelise Barron and her team have discovered that a peptide known as LL-37, which is part of our immune system, acts like an antidote to the peptide associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Spring 2018 Dean's Honor List posted

Undergraduate Dean John Arnold has announced the names of the undergraduate students who attained a term-GPA that placed them in the top ten percent of students in the College of Chemistry for Spring 2018.

Jennifer Doudna on the curiosity of a child
New DNA Synthesis Method Could Soon Build a Genome in a Day

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