Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry is intended for students who are primarily interested in careers as professional chemists or wish a thorough grounding in chemistry in preparation for professional or graduate school in chemistry and related disciplines.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering is intended as preparation for a career in chemical engineering and related disciplines. It contains a broad range of interdisciplinary options in such areas as biotechnology, chemical processing, applied physical science, environmental technology, and materials science and technology.

The College of Chemistry also offers joint majors in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, and in Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology is similar to the B.S. Degree in Chemistry. It is intended for students who are interested in a range of careers including research in the biological sciences, medicine, pharmacology, and bioengineering.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry, which is offered through the College of Letters and Science, includes a greater number of humanities and social science courses than the Bachelor of Science Degree and is intended for those interested in careers in teaching, medicine, or other sciences in which a basic understanding of chemical processes is necessary. Students interested in subsequent graduate studies in chemistry will receive a better preparation by pursuing the B.S. in Chemistry. Students who want the B.A. degree apply for admission to the College of Letters and Science.