B.A. Chemistry

To graduate with a B.A. degree in Chemistry, students must be in the College of Letters and Science and must have satisfied general University requirements, the American Cultures requirement, and College of Letters and Science requirements in addition to the following major requirements:

Chemistry.​ 4A, 4B, 104A, 104B (103 and 135 may be taken in place of 104A, 104B), 12A​+​, 12B​+​, 120A, 120B, and a choice of one of 105, 108, 115, 125, C170L, or C182.

Math.​ 1A, 1B, 53, 54.

Physics.​ 7A, 7B.

A grade of C- or better is required in Chemistry 4A before taking 4B, in 4B before taking more advanced courses, in 12A​+​ before taking 12B​+​, and in 120A and 120B if taken before 125.

  • It is recommended that students take Chem 4A and 4B and not Chem 1A and 1B
  • We do not accept Chem AP credit
  • Math 1A, 1B, and Physics 7A can be satisfied with AP credit

Students who declare the chemistry major after completing a general chemistry sequence that does not include quantitative analysis are required to take Chemistry 4B or 105.

In order to declare the B.A. in Chemistry the following courses are required:

  • MATH 1A Calculus, MATH 1B
  • PHYSICS 7A Physics for Scientists and Engineers,
  • CHEM 4A General Chemistry, CHEM 4B Quantitative Analysis
  • Math 53 Multivariable Calculus
  • Chemistry 12A​+​ Organic Chemistry

Honors at Graduation for the B.A. Degree in Chemistry

To be eligible to receive honors in chemistry at graduation, a student must:

  • Complete at least three units of Chemistry H194 or another advanced chemistry course as approved by the department
  • Achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher in upper division courses in the major
  • Achieve a GPA of at least 3.3 overall at Berkeley

Undergraduate Research

Visit the Undergraduate Research webpage for information on how to get involved in research within the college, internship opportunities with industry partners, and how to get credit for research.

†: Chem 12A = 112A and Chem 12B = Chem 112B for Spring 2017 or earlier.