Jay KeaslingNHK World Japan interviews Jay Keasling

Jay Keasling, CBE Professor and JBEI’s Chief Executive Officer, was featured in NHK World’s interview program “Direct Talk”. Keasling, a pioneer of synthetic biology, talks about the impact that this interdisciplinary technology can have in people’s lives as well as addressing safety concerns.


Willard Libby

How carbon-14 revolutionized science

Carbon atoms as a marker of time of death transformed science.

The bacterial enzyme Cas9 is the engine of RNA-programmed genome engineering in human cells. (UC Berkeley graphic by K. C. Roeyer)

CRISPR patents boost UC’s U.S. portfolio to 10

UC's two new CRISPR patents increase its gene-editing patent portfolio to 10.

David Limmer

Limmer awarded DOE Early Career Research Program funding

David Limmer receives five year grant from DOE.