Administration, Finance, Technology

Sather Gate

General COLLEGE Assistance

Allegra Miles
Dean's Office Assistant/Receptionist
420 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-5060


Administration, Finance, Technology Mission Statement

The Administration and Finance, Receiving, and Technology Team in the College of Chemistry supports two academic departments and three College units by partnering with staff, faculty, students, university administration, and external collaborators to:

  • Provide high quality customer service to our University community
  • Act as responsible stewards of public resources
  • Adapt and respond quickly to external demands and factors by developing innovative strategies
  • Reevaluate and reengineer for continuous improvement
  • Act as leaders of organizational knowledge and change agents for system and process improvements

We value accountability, transparency, communication, teamwork, and mutual respect.

We strive for excellence and efficiency.

We strive to continually learn and evolve to enhance our cultural and experiential diversity.

Marissa Gardner-Saraf
Senior Assistant Dean of Administration (510) 643-2887
Carla Arendez
Director of Finance (510) 642-1325
Judy Lo
Finance Assistant (510) 642-1126
Recharge Rates
Web Applications
John Borland
Web Applications Developer  (510) 643-1706
Organic & Physical Storeroom (791 Tan)
Richard Newman
Storeroom Manager
College of Chemistry Storeroom (510) 642-5608
Shipping/Receiving (B84A Hildebrand)
Carl Lamey
Store/Receiving Manager
Shipping/Receiving (510) 642-5384
(510) 642-3469
Roy Washington
Storekeeper (510) 642-5384
(510) 642-3469



The College of Chemistry is in the UC Berkeley SHARE regional grouping which provides Human Resources, Research Administration, Purchasing & Reimbursement and Payroll & Timekeeping.