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College of Chemistry Information

Forms: College of Chemistry Forms, Documents, Procedures, and Applications.

Employee Recognition Programs

  • Chemistry Achievement Prize (CAP): The CAP is a semi-annual award for staff for outstanding work, collaborative efforts, and exemplary service to the College of Chemistry. Info on the CAP prize.
  • Spot Award: The Spot Award program is a campus-wide program that recognizes PPSM or Clerical [CX] bargaining unit employees for their outstanding contributions to a specific project or task. Info on Spot Awards.
  • Kudos Cards: While the CAP and Spot Awards recognize those who make exceptional contributions above and beyond the normal expectations of their role, Kudos Cards are a great way to recognize and appreciate someone for doing their role well and can be awarded at any time. Stop by the Dean's or Department Main Offices to pick up a physical card, or send one today!
    • Collaboration - Enhances individual work by soliciting contributions from others and enhances others' work by contributing to their success to more effectively meet unit goals.
    • Service Focus - Values and delivers high-quality, professional, responsive, and innovative service to the College of Chemistry community and partners. Establishes and maintains positive, long-term working relationships.
    • Change Agility - Anticipates and adapts to change. Supports change initiatives by energizing others at all levels and ensuring continued commitment when faced with new initiatives.
    • Mission Focus - Uses the College's mission and vision as guideposts for decision-making and inspires others to achieve the mission of the College and the University.

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Department of Chemistry Information

Please see our departmental google site for the latest training and reference information for staff members. (Berkeley credentials required for access.)

Faculty & Staff Resources

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Family Resources & Policies

Below are helpful links to resources and policies that address support for our college community, including students, staff and faculty.

UC Berkeley Family Policies

UC Berkeley Child Care, Parent, and Family Programs & Support

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