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About the Storeroom

The College of Chemistry Storeroom serves the entire UC Berkeley campus. We carry an extensive selection of chemicals, labware, and office supplies. Our mission is to facilitate research and provide the lowest possible prices.

  • We work with a wide range of vendors, many of whom offer us special pricing and discounts, including free shipping, which we pass onto our customers.
  • We can place expedited special orders for items that are not in stock.

storeroom account

How it Works & Establishing a Storeroom Account

Most users have an established account with the Storeroom that is recharged to an established University chartstring. College of Chemistry users request access through the Building Access Application. For all others who wish to purchase from the Storeroom on a one-time basis, please complete an IOC.

To establish an account with the Storeroom for ongoing purchases, please email to request an account setup. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Chartstring to be used
  • Whether the chartstring already has a speedtype
  • Department name
  • Research Group Director/Principal Investigator name

Once an account has been set up, please visit the Building Access Application to set up your profile to request access to the Storeroom. You'll need to select your research group director/principal investigator to approve your request. You will be required to fulfill a tour of the Storeroom before your access will be activated.

A recharge report of all purchases made to the account each month will be provided to the principal investigator, and/or finance manager for review through our online Chemistry Recharge System.

Catalogs & Forms

Chemistry Storeroom Catalog (as of 04/2021) (PDF)To search the PDF catalog use the following: (PC: control + F) or (MAC: command + F)

Special Order Form (DOCX)

IOC / Interdepartmental Order Form (XLS)

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Storeroom Info

791 Tan Hall Berkeley, CA 94720

24hr access to the Storeroom with your ID card to shop for items that do not require distribution upon completing the Storeroom Tour.

Full service available Mon - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

(510) 642-5608 or
(510) 642-0177
(510) 642-7038 (fax)

New & Fire Sale Items

New and fire items for sale

New Items (as of 08/2022)