Chemistry Minor

Note: The chemistry minor is not available to chemical biology majors.


  • 3A plus 3AL and 3B plus 3BL, or 12A+ and 12B+  (organic chemistry)
  • Chem 120A, 120B, C130, or 130B (physical or biophysical chemistry)
  • Chem 103 or 104A (inorganic chemistry)
  • Two additional upper division chemistry courses taken at Berkeley (excluding courses numbered 190-199); the two additional courses may be graduate level but will need to be the entire module ABC to satisfy the requirement.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade. Students must achieve at least a 2.0 GPA for each of the following: upper division courses, courses taken at Berkeley, and organic chemistry courses if taken at another institution and accepted by the College of Chemistry as equivalent to 3A plus 3AL, 3B plus 3BL, 12A+, or 12B+.

Students must submit a notification of completion of the minor to the College of Chemistry Undergraduate Advising Office.

Please consult with your college/school for information on rules regarding overlap of courses between your major and minor.

Chem 12A = 112A and Chem 12B = Chem 112B for Spring 2017 or earlier.