Academic Policies Information

While college staff, faculty and advisers will provide you with information and advice, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with all policies and to complete satisfactorily all degree requirements within the allotted time frame. This includes the responsibility to track your completion of major, university and Berkeley campus requirements, as well to comply with residence, minimum progress and scholarship requirements.

Advising and Approval of Planned Class Schedules

Undergraduate staff advisers guide students in course selection, completion of degree requirements, and other academic decision-making. They serve as a resource for information about research and internship opportunities, enrichment programs, and a wide variety of campus support services.

Faculty mentors provide professional guidance in Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or Chemical Engineering. Students meet with their Faculty Mentor at least once per semester to discuss curriculum planning, research, and professional development.

Good preparation is strongly advised before consulting with an adviser. Students should have at least a tentative idea of the courses they wish to take and should acquaint themselves with the course requirements.

Class Schedule Requirements

  • Minimum units per semester – 13
  • Maximum units per semester – 19.5
  • 12 units of course work each semester must satisfy degree requirements

Chemical engineering freshmen and Chemistry majors are required to enroll in a minimum of one chemistry course each semester.

After the freshman year, Chemical Engineering majors must enroll in a minimum of one chemical and biomolecular engineering course each semester.

Students are expected to complete the math and physics course requirements as soon as possible, because math and physics courses are prerequisite to other required courses.

Students are also expected to complete the Reading and Composition (R&C) requirement as soon as possible, so they have a foundation for courses that require writing skills:

  • Chemical Engineering majors – A-level R&C course (e.g., English R1A) by end of freshman year
  • Chemical Biology and Chemistry majors – A- and B-level courses by end of sophomore year

Changes to Planned Class Schedules

Check Important Dates for course add, drop, and grade option change deadlines.

Late class schedule changes will be granted only under rare and exceptional circumstances.

Passed/Not Passed Courses

Students in good standing may take some courses on a passed/not passed basis. Such courses are acceptable only for free electives and for the following:

  • Foreign Language requirement
  • Breadth requirement (excluding Reading and Composition)

Courses which satisfy the American History and Institutions and the American Cultures requirements may also be taken on a passed/not passed basis.

Credit for passing passed/not passed courses counts toward graduation, but passed/not passed grades are disregarded in computing a student's GPA.

Students on academic probation (below a C average, either overall or for the previous semester) are not allowed to take courses on a passed/not passed basis with the exception of recreational physical education courses and courses offered only on a passed/not passed basis.

Limit on Semesters

  • Students who entered as freshmen – 8 semesters
  • Chemistry & Chemical Biology majors who entered as transfer students – 4 semesters
  • Chemical Engineering majors who entered as transfer students – 5 semesters

Summer sessions are excluded when determining the limit on semesters. Students who wish to delay graduation to complete a minor, a double major, or simultaneous degrees must request approval for delay of graduation before what would normally be their final two semesters. The College of Chemistry does not have a rule regarding maximum units that a student can accumulate.

Additional Transfer Credit

Students in the College of Chemistry are subject to the following restrictions concerning additional transfer credit:

  • Before enrolling at another institution in a course which could satisfy a required biology, chemical and biomolecular engineering, chemistry, engineering, English, math, or physics course, students are required to request approval from their staff advisers.
  • Students planning to enroll concurrently at Berkeley and another institution during the fall or spring semester are required to request approval from the Undergraduate Dean before the beginning of the semester. Approval of concurrent enrollment is rarely granted.

Double Majors, Simultaneous Degrees, and Minors

Students who wish to pursue double majors or simultaneous degrees

  • must submit the appropriate paperwork before what would normally be their final two semesters
  • may use no more than two upper division courses to satisfy requirements of both majors
  • must have a GPA of at least 2.5.

Double majors in Chemistry and Chemical Biology are not permitted.

Students with majors in two different colleges/schools at UC Berkeley are pursuing simultaneous degrees. For application instructions, please carefully review the Petition to Declare Simultaneous Degrees packet. The packet includes supplemental application materials (if applicable), and the simultaneous degree application form.

  • College of Chemistry students: Complete the forms and submit for initial approval to your staff adviser. Then submit the CoC-approved forms to the second college for final review and approval.
  • Non-CoC students: Submit the completed forms to your home college for initial approval. Then submit the home-college-approved forms to Maura Daly (121 Gilman; please make an appointment) for final review and approval.

Minors: College of Chemistry students who wish to complete a minor are allowed one upper division course to overlap between the major and minor requirements.

Academic Misconduct

Students found responsible for violating university academic dishonesty policy in a course may not change the grading option or drop the course. If changes are made, student will be reinstated in the course as originally scheduled.

Withdrawal, Cancellation, & Readmission