Counseling & Psychological Services

Urgent Counseling

For urgent concerns between 10am-4pm students should call (510) 642-9494 to speak with a counselor as a first step.

For after-hours support, please call the 24/7 line at (855) 817-5667.

Berkeley Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides mental health support to all Cal students. For urgent mental health resources see the University Health Services website:

CAPS virtual Let's Talk consultations for students are free and confidential, and can be related to any personal, professional, or academic concern.

To sign up for a non-urgent virtual Let's Talk consultation, go here:

To get connected with formal counseling, call CAPS at (510) 642-9494. You do not need to have health insurance to see a CAPS counselor. Our counselors are equipped to help you make progress with any number of issues, including and not limited to:

  • stress and anxiety
  • depressed moods and low self-esteem
  • procrastination, time management, and academic challenges
  • family conflicts and pressures
  • relationship, break-up, and intimacy issues
  • challenges faced by ethnic minority students, first-generation college students, and/or undocumented students
  • struggles in the "coming out" process or LGBTQI+ students
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • transition, grief, and loss
  • career development, exploration, and decision-making

Students with urgent mental health needs should call CAPS at (510) 642-9494 and request to speak with a crisis counselor. For after hours (nights + weekend) mental health support, call 1-855-817-5667.