Transfer Course & Exam Credit Review

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All credit-bearing exams (e.g. AP, IB, GCE A-Level) and transfer course-work submitted by new freshmen and transfer students prior to their arrival at Berkeley is reviewed by Berkeley’s Central Evaluation Unit as part of the initial transfer credit review process. This review process is generally completed by mid-October for students admitted to Berkeley in the fall semester.

At that time, all transfer work eligible for unit credit towards the Berkeley degree should be posted to your Transfer Credit Report, available in CalCentral in your My Academics tab at the bottom of the last column on the right.

Students with transfer course work from a non-California Community College should allow for a few more weeks for the College to review for satisfaction of degree requirements.

After the initial transfer credit review is complete, please direct any questions or concerns about missing transfer work for unit credit and/or the Entry Level Writing, American History and Institutions, and American Cultures requirements to the Central Evaluation Unit by opening a case with Cal Student Central.

Organic Chemistry Requirement for New Transfer Students: Two semesters (or the equivalent) of organic chemistry with laboratory, with a mean grade of B or better, are required for incoming transfer students with majors in Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Students not meeting this requirement should discuss their schedule with their adviser, and may be required to take Chem 12A and/or 12B at Berkeley.

Any questions regarding transfer work for College of Chemistry degree requirements should be directed to your staff adviser.