CoC Grading Policy Summer 2021

CoC Grading Policy Summer 2021

The College of Chemistry will continue to accept P grades in satisfaction of college, major, and minor requirements for Summer 2021. (This does not apply to the UC-wide Entry Level Writing requirement: College Writing R1A must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a C or better to satisfy the requirement.)

2021 Summer Session Grade Option Change Deadlines

Important Related Information

  • The issuing of a P grade signifies that the student has passed the class at minimum C- level work. Bear in mind that the D grade ('barely passing') is, in some cases, sufficient to fulfill a requirement; however, under P/NP it will result in a NP, which is not sufficient to fulfill any requirements.
  • P grades may comprise no more than one third of the total required units completed at UC Berkeley toward the 120 overall minimum unit requirement.
  • Prerequisites for entry into all CoC majors and minors may be met by courses taken for P/NP during Summer 2021.
  • Regulations on course repetition will not be modified for Summer 2021.
  • We do not currently know whether the transcript for Summer 2021 will include a note explaining the P/NP option.

Academic Probation

Students who are currently on academic probation or who are subject to dismissal may not take classes for P/NP, unless the course is offered only for P/NP. This rule was waived by the Academic Senate in Spring 2020, but not for future semesters. 

Financial Aid

More information about how P/NP grades may impact Satisfactory Academic Progress is available on the Financial Aid website.