Reticular Chemistry

Named by Omar Yaghi,  this area of research is concerned with linking of molecular building blocks (organic molecules, inorganic clusters, dendrimers, peptides, proteins, ...) into predetermined structures in which such units are repeated and are held together by strong bonds.

Omar Yaghi awarded the Wilhelm Exner medal

June 1, 2023

Professor Omar Yaghi receives the Exner medal during a ceremony in Vienna, Austria

Professor Omar Yaghi receives a medal and diploma from members of the Wilhelm Exner Foundation during a banquet in May 2023 in Vienna, Austria. Photo Jana Madzigon, courtesy of the Wilhelm Exner Foundation.


Reticular chemistry in all dimensions

August 6, 2019

Richmond Sarpong

In a new virtual collection from ACS Central Science, recently published articles about new research into reticular chemistry are highlighted. Omar Yaghi, The James and Neeltje Tretter Professor of Chemistry, pens the introduction.

Some of the topics covered in the issue include: electric field response of MOFs; PolyCOFs; porous aromatic frameworks; improving the mechanical stability of MOFS using chemical caryatids; computational design of functionalized MOF nodes for catalysis; porous molecular solids and liquids; and rapid, elective heavy metal removal from water by MOFs/polydopamine composite.

Omar Yaghi wins BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Basic Sciences

January 23, 2018

Omar YaghiThe BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Basic Sciences category goes, in this tenth edition, to Jordanian-American chemist Omar Yaghi, “for his pioneering work in the conception and synthesis of new...