College of Chemistry

The scientist's journey to the Nobel Prize

October 19, 2021

Nobel medal

This year’s laureates will receive their Nobel Prize medals and diplomas in their home countries in December. (Photo: Niklas Halle'N/Associated Press)

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for the sciences in the world. Other notable international awards include the National Medal of Science (United States), the Wolf Prize (Israel), The Royal (Queen’s) Medal (...

Naomi Ginsberg elected a fellow of the American Physical Society

October 12, 2021

Naomi Ginsberg

The College of Chemistry is pleased to announce that the American Physical Society (APS) has elected Naomi Ginsberg, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics, as a Fellow for 2021. Prof. Ginsberg has been elected for the "innovative development of spatiotemporally resolved imaging...

Alumni Spotlight with Cheri Ackerman of Concerto Biosciences

October 12, 2021

Cheri Ackerman, alumna

Photo: courtesy of Concerto Biosciences.

Cheri Ackerman (Ph.D. '17, ChemBio) is a co-founder & CEO @ Concerto Biosciences, an MIT/Harvard spinout that develops microbial “ensembles” as revolutionary new disease treatments. To discover ensembles, Concerto...

Brooks Abel joins the College faculty specializing in soft materials and organic chemistry

October 19, 2021

Brooks AbelWe are delighted to introduce Dr. Brooks Abel who joined the College of Chemistry as an assistant professor this summer with a focus in polymer chemistry. Brooks’s position was funded by a generous donation from Rubber and Joy Chen of PMP Tech, an international company based in Taiwan.

Brooks arrived from...

The College mourns the passing of Alan Mendelson

October 11, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to let you know that Alan Mendelson (B.A. ’69; J.D. ’73, Harvard) died on Friday evening. Alan was at Oracle Park watching his beloved San Francisco Giants when he suffered a medical emergency.

Many of us knew Alan as a giant in the field of Life Sciences, having provided highly-respected legal counsel in key research, academic and business communities. We also knew him as a dedicated partner, a critical part of both the Cal and greater UC community, a trusted advisor, a...

Synthetic biology moves into the realm of the unnatural

October 18, 2021

artificial metalloenzyme
An artificial metalloenzyme based on the natural enzyme called P450 (gray structure). UC Berkeley chemists created a heme molecule (magenta) with an embedded iridium atom (red) that, in E. coli, was incorporated into P450 to execute a reaction unknown in the natural world. (UC Berkeley image by Brandon Bloomer)

The field of synthetic...

The College of Chemistry announces new lectureship in honor of Yuan Tseh Lee

February 25, 2021
Y.T. Lee in Lab - undated

Professor Emeritus Y. T. Lee in his lab at UC Berkeley 1980s. (Photo College of Chemistry)

The College of Chemistry is pleased to announce that a new endowed lectureship has been established and named for Nobel Laureate and Professor Emeritus Yuan Tseh Lee. The...

Advisory Board member Sunney Chan receives Taiwan's Presidential Science Award

October 12, 2021

Advisory Board member Sunney Chan

The Presidential Science Award Committee announced today the winner of the "2020-2021 Presidential Science Award". The winner is Academician Sunney Chan (陳長謙) of the "Mathematical Science Group". Professor Chan is a member...

"Self-destructing plastic" wins top Prize in Create the Future contest

October 7, 2021

Example of film

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually – equivalent to the entire weight of the human population. Less than 10% is recycled; most end up in landfills. A research team in the lab of Professor Ting Xu, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and...

An expert on 'undruggable' targets tackles the coronavirus

October 5, 2020

Dan Nomura

Nomura in his lab at UC Berkeley. Photo: Elena Zhukova

Throughout the grim reality of a global pandemic that has disrupted normal life for months, one persistent bright spot has been the robust response of the biomedical research community. The battle to develop vaccines and drugs to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19, the disease which it causes,...