Richmond Sarpong awarded the A.R. Katritzky Junior Award in Heterocyclic Chemistry

May 22, 2019

Richmond SarpongRichmond Sarpong, Professor of Chemistry and Executive Associate Dean at the College of Chemistry has been awarded the 2019 A. R. Katritzky Junior Award in Heterocyclic Chemistry. Professor Sarpong will be given the award during a lecture presentation at the 27th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress in the fall of this year in Kyoto, Japan.

About Professor Sarpong

Professor Sarpong's research interests include the total synthesis of natural products with a keen eye toward the development of new synthetic methods and strategies. In concert with this general program, his research group looks to nature to inspire their choice of synthetic targets (natural products) and strategies (e.g., bio-mimetic approaches) to natural product synthesis. The compounds currently being synthesized in the laboratory may ultimately become important as tools to study biological systems or provide a starting point for the development of new therapeutics.

Photo credit: Niki Stefanelli

About the award

The A. R. Katritzky  Junior Award is given to scientists, 45 years of age or younger, whose research has had a significant impact on heterocyclic chemistry.  Past recipients are listed in the ISHC web.  The International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry was informally established by Raymond Castle in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1967. The Society was formally established in 1971 and Castle was the organization's first president.

Photo credit: Niki Stefanelli