150th Celebration

In memoriam: Willard B. Rising

January 14, 2023

Undated portrait Willard B. Rising. Collection Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.Willard B. Rising

Summary of Prof. Rising's career from Appletons’ Cyclopaedia of American Biography

Willard Bradley Rising, chemist, b. 26 sept 1839, Meckleenburg, New York. D. 9 Feb 1910, Berkeley, CA. Lived at 2203 Bancroft, Berkeley, CA (now the edge of the University on Bancroft.) Wife Frances;...

Berkeley Chemistry: 1868 to the Present

Berkeley 150th Anniversary 1868-2018; Original Chemistry Building 1897 between mining and the library

Photo: Berkeley 150 1868-2018 logo over photo of the first dedicated chemistry building (in the middle) between the first mining building on the left and the library on the right; c. 1897 photo by William Letts Oliver, or his son. Courtesy Bancroft Library.

Chemistry has...

Robert Andrews Fisher

May 2, 2023

Robert Fisher

Robert Andrews Fisher (1832-1893) was in the early fiftes, the assistant to Prof. John A. Porter, of Yale College, and at one time was Professor of Chemistry at Brown University, which conferred upon him an honorary degree. In those days, no facilities were offered in this country to chemists who were desirous of pursuing advanced courses in their science. He accordingly went to...

Ignacio Tinoco Jr.

March 25, 2020

Ignacio Jr. Tinoco

By Kerry Grens

Ignacio (Nacho) Tinoco, a chemist at the University of California, Berkeley, who pioneered methods to understand the structures of RNA, died last month (...

In Memoriam: alumnus Herbert Alexander Young

November 3, 2022

Painting of Herbert Young, undated

Herbert Alexander Young (1906-1965) Professor of Chemistry and Dean, College of Letters and Science UC Davis. (1945, Tennessee Eastman Corporation newsletter photo. This version of the image is a mural at UC Davis.)

Herbert Young son of William Alexander and Aldie Jennings Young, was born October 10, 1906, in San Diego,...

George Claude Pimentel

March 3, 2020

George Claude Pimentel

By Robert E. Connick, Frederick C. Crews, C. Bradley Moore, Kenneth S. Pitzer, and Loy L. Sammet

With the death of George Pimentel (1922-...

The Women Written Out of Nuclear Science

January 10, 2022

Periodic Table graphic

Illustration of the Periodic Table including the heavy elements. (Adobestock)

Margaret Melhase Fuchs, 1941...

In Memoriam Charles Bonner Harris Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

March 10, 2020

Charles Harris

A world leader in the field of physical chemistry, Charles Bonner Harris, former Chair of chemistry and Dean of the College of Chemistry at the UC Berkeley, and former Director of Chemical Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, passed away on March 10, 2020. His distinguished career is marked by his many contributions to the field of condensed phase chemical...

Gilbert Newton Lewis

March 25, 2020

Gilbert N. Lewis

Gilbert N. Lewis in his lab at UC Berkeley, 1937.

By Raymond G. Gettell, Joel H. Hildebrand, Wendell M. Latimer, and G. E. Gibson

Gilbert Newton Lewis was born near Boston, October 23...

James Andrew Harris and element discovery at Berkeley Lab

February 1, 2021

Element 104 discovery team

The Berkeley lab team that discovered elements 104 and 105, April 1969. From left: Matti Nurmia, James Harris, Kari Eskola, Pirkko Eskola, and Albert Ghiorso. (Photo: Berkeley Lab)

The discovery of an element is a rare occurrence. Defying racial and academic expectations, James A. Harris played a prominent role in the discovery of two...