H&S Section 1: Introduction

The regard for the well being of everyone in the College of Chemistry and the neighboring community demands that careful attention be given to environment, health and safety practices and procedures. The College of Chemistry Health and Safety Manual has been prepared to assist College faculty, staff and students with their efforts in meeting the EH&S obligations associated with their work. Members of the College of Chemistry's Environment Health Safety & Security program have worked diligently to assure the manual's accuracy and completeness at the time of printing. The health and safety field, however, is constantly changing, and new legislation is introduced frequently. For this reason, information will be revised periodically as necessary to ensure that relevant, up to date health and safety information is provided to all College members.

The effectiveness of this manual will only be as good as the level of conscious effort exercised in complying with its provisions. Therefore, it is expected that everyone working in the College will review the pertinent information in the manual and understand how it relates to his/her particular work place.

Using the College of Chemistry Health and Safety Manual

The College of Chemistry is a large research and learning institution comprised of many diverse people with diverse professions. This manual attempts to organize all health and safety information that is applicable to every member of the College. Therefore, depending on the type of work one performs (i.e. teaching, lab research, clerical, technical, shops, etc.) different sections and information will apply to different persons or job functions.

The diagram at the end of this section is meant to guide you to those sections of the manual that are most relevant. The major sections of the manual and their relevance to various units in the College are also presented below.

Additional Information and Resources

Who Does It! Where to Find It! How to Do It Safely!

The Who Does It! Where to Find It! How to Do It Safely! Publication is your resource for all facility related information. It contains contact information and lists instructions on how to get your labs offices and equipment repaired. It also lists important instructions on how to use safety systems such as chemical fume hoods and electrical safety. This booklet is given to all members of the College and should be reviewed by everyone.


This useful website is maintained by the Office of Environment, Health and Safety on campus and is dedicated to providing environment, safety and health information to all UC Berkeley personnel.

Maintaining the College of Chemistry Health and Safety Manual

Every research group and administrative unit within the College of Chemistry must maintain at least one copy of this manual. Supervisors and Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that their staff and students are aware of the manual's location and have access to its information at all times. Periodically, amendments or updates to the manual will be made by the College of Chemistry EHS&S program. Supervisors and Principal Investigators are responsible for incorporating these amendments into each copy of the manual in their possession. Such changes will be made available electronically. Hard copies will also be available upon request.

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