H&S Section 7: Campus / College Safety Guidelines & Safe Operating Procedures

List of Available Safe Operating Procedures and Guidelines

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Safe Operating ProcedureGuidelinesPDF
Air Quality Guidelines for Minimizing Toxic Air Contaminants Emissions in Laboratories (EH&S website) EH&S
Autoclaving Using Autoclaves Safely EH&S
Chemical Exchange Chemical Exchange (CHEX) Information (EH&S website)
Chemical Inventory Chemical Inventory Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Computer Ergonomics Computer Ergonomics (University Health Services / Tang Center)
Cryogenic Liquids Safe Handling of Cryogenic Liquids CoC Research Safety
Electrical Safety Electrical Safety Guidelines EH&S
Electrophoresis Safety Electrophoresis Equipment, Guidelines for Safe Use of
(see EH&S Fact sheet webpage under 'E')
Ethidium Bromide Ethidium Bromide: Hazards and Precautions Fact Sheet
(see EH&S Fact sheet webpage under 'E')
Flammable Liquids Storage of Flammable Liquids in Campus Research and Teaching Laboratories (EH&S website) EH&S
Fume Hoods (CoC) Safe Use of Chemical Fume Hoods -- College Physical Plant
Notice -- 5/27/97
CoC Research Safety
Fume Hoods (EH&S) Fume hoods Fact Sheet EH&S
Hydrofluoric Acid Hydrofluoric Acid Fact Sheet EH&S
Laboratory Equipment Safety Information for Common Laboratory Equipment CoC Research Safety
Laboratory SOPS, creating Laboratory Specific Standard Operating Procedures
Fact Sheet
Laser Safety UC Berkeley Laser Safety Program CoC Research Safety
Latex Allergies Latex Allergies Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Lock-Out/Tag-Out Lock-Out/Tag-Out: Procedures for Controlling
Hazardous Energies
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Noise Control Noise: Controlling Your Exposure at Work Fact Sheet EH&S
Peroxidizable Compounds Guidelines for the Safe Handling of Peroxidizable Chemicals CoC Research Safety
Phenol Phenol: Hazards and Precautions (EH&S website) EH&S
Radiation, Ionizing UC Berkeley Ionizing Radiation Safety Program Fact Sheet CoC Research Safety
Radiation, Non-ionizing UC Berkeley Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Manual (EH&S website) CoC Research Safety
Refrigerators (laboratory) Storing Flammable Liquids in Refrigerators and Freezers (EH&S website) EH&S
Reproductive Hazards Reproductive Hazards in the Laboratory Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Respirators Respiratory Protection Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Torch Use Torch Use; Safety Guidelines CoC Research Safety
Toxic Gases Campus Toxic Gas Program Fact Sheet (EH&S website) EH&S
Wastewater Quality Wastewater Slug Discharge Prevention and Emergency
Notification Fact Sheet
(EH&S website)
Welding Welding and Flame Cutting Operations Fact Sheet EH&S

Emergency Guide

ccEHSS Emergency Guide cover

Download the Emergency Guide (PDF)


The Annual Security & Fire Safety Report for University of California, Berkeley is offered in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act and contains fire safety, crime statistics, and policies. You may use this document to learn more about the many safety and security services and resources available at UC Berkeley.

CoC Building Emergency Plans

A Building Emergency Plan is considered part of every building's basic health and safety responsibility and contains information for a variety of emergency situations, such as medical emergencies, power outages, hazardous material spills, fires, bomb threats, civil disturbances, and earthquakes. The Building Emergency Plan for each CoC building is provided below.

Building Emergency Plan - Giauque Laboratory
Building Emergency Plan - Gilman Hall
Building Emergency Plan - Hildebrand Hall
Building Emergency Plan - Latimer Hall
Building Emergency Plan - Lewis Hall
Building Emergency Plan - Pimentel Hall
Building Emergency Plan - Tan Hall

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