College of Chemistry

UC Berkeley researchers illuminate material complexity with nonlinear x-ray spectroscopy

August 10, 2021

Nano letters cover art from the lab of Michael ZuerchOn the Cover: Artist rendering of second harmonic generation spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet state. Illustration by Ella Marushenko. (Nano Letters, Vol 21, No 14)

(SHG) spectroscopy in the extreme...

A Day in the half-life; a podcast from the Berkeley Lab

March 13, 2023

worker looks at bails of plastic

Berkely Lab produces a podcast about the surprising ways that science evolves. Through conversations with scientists, they trace the technology, theories, and products we see around us today back to early discoveries in the lab, while also imagining where future breakthroughs could take us.

Why isn’t more...

Royal Society of Chemistry marks Richard Andersen’s 75th Birthday with special publication

January 2, 2019

Richard AndersenIn celebration of Andersen's research and teaching at Berkeley, the Royal Society of Landon has published a special web issue on the contributions of Richard Andersen to inorganic and organometallic chemistry in honor of his 75th birthday.

Stephanie Espy discusses importance of women in STEM during Berkeley Forum event

November 23, 2020

Girls at a STEM Gem club event

UC Berkeley alumna Stephanie Espy (M.S. '04, ChemE) started the STEM Gems Club, which has grown to about 80 clubs across the United States for girls in fifth grade and above to learn about different careers in STEM through the club curriculum. (Photo Jasmine Lee, The Daily Californian)

On Thursday, the Berkeley Forum hosted author...

Peidong Yang and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners announce research partnership

August 19, 2022

Illustration of CO2 to sugar process

In a new partnership, The Peidong Yang research group will work with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) to develop technology that will convert air into sugar. (illustration courtesy CCEP)

CCEP Ventures to partner with Peidong Yang Research Group...

Dan Nomura receives ASPIRE Award for cancer research

February 23, 2023

Dan Nomura

Dan Nomura in his lab. Photo by Elena Zhukova.

The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research has announced twelve outstanding research projects to receive its latest round of ASPIRE awards. Grantees from top academic institutions in Germany...

College startups featured at SkyDeck’s annual Demo Day

February 11, 2020

SkyDeck features College startups

UC Berkeley is not just one of the best research universities in the world, but also a unique place for entrepreneurs, students and alumni to grow and build their own innovative startups. Many of the ideas are based on issues young entrepreneurs first encountered in Berkeley classes or labs. Two College of Chemistry startups presented among 23 young companies last week at Berkeley SkyDeck’s annual Demo Day, where entrepreneurs pitched new devices, apps or inventions that, they hope, will provide big, bold fixes to the world’s problems, from climate change to disease.

How a record-breaking copper catalyst converts CO2 into liquid fuels

February 21, 2023

Artist’s rendering of a copper nanoparticle as it evolves during CO2 electrolysisArtist’s rendering of a copper nanoparticle as it evolves during CO2 electrolysis: Copper nanoparticles (left) combine into larger metallic copper “nanograins” (right) within seconds of the electrochemical...

Science world honors Kevan Shokat for high-impact cancer research

February 20, 2023

Kevan Shokat photographed at UCSF

Kevan Shokat photographed at UCSF. Photo by Noah Berger.

The UC San Francisco scientist who developed a successful approach to drugging a protein produced by the mutated KRAS gene has won two prestigious awards in the opening weeks of 2023. The discovery, made by...

Building the Materials for Next-Gen Tech

February 13, 2023

Felix Fisher in his lab

Felix Fisher, Associate Professor of Chemistry, in his lab where he applies his organic chemistry background to build quantum materials. (Photo by Elena Zhukova)

Imagine a strand of hair, how tiny and fragile it is. Now try to imagine something ten thousand times smaller, which carries electricity and data in the form of...