NMR Facility

The NMR Facility
Latimer Hall, room D11
College of Chemistry
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1460

(510) 643-9829

The College of Chemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (CoC-NMR)is located in D11 Latimer Hall. The CoC-NMR's resources are available for hands-on use to all members of the UC Berkeley and LBNL. The Facility instruments are available for use 24 hours a day year around. Nominally, CoC-NMR staff are available between 9 am to 5 pm. All users must satisfy a minimum level of training before access to the CoC-NMR is granted. Please peruse the Access to Instruments and Facility pages for more information.

NOTE: If your computer has a Berkeley Campus or LBNL IP address or connect through campus VPN, you can access the main NMR Facility website directly. This website is not a complete mirror, many links are not available from here. Please visit the main NMR Facility server instead.

NMR Staff

Hasan Celik
D11 Latimer Hall (facility)
227A Hildebrand Hall (office)
(510) 643-9829 (office)


Seven spectrometers, with proton frequencies from 300 MHz to 700 MHz, are available for hands-on use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The different configurations provide a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs of our diverse user base ranging from routine analysis to advanced applications.


The AV-700 is equipped with an Avance I console and a 5 mm triple resonance 1H/13C/15N TXI cryo-probe. TXI cryo-probe has cooled preamplifiers for the 1H channel. Variable temperature operation is available over the range of 0-80 °C. The AV-700 provides high sensitivity for one- and multi-dimensional 1H-observe NMR experiments.


The AV-600 is equipped with an Avance III console and a 5 mm 1H/BB Prodigy cryo-probe. Variable temperature operation is available over the range of 0-135 °C. The AV-600 is a workhorse instrument with high sensitivity for X nuclei observe experiments. The spectrometer was partially funded by the NIH grant S10OD024998.


The NEO-400 is equipped with a Avance IV NEO console and a variety of probes. The spectrometer is dedicated to materials characterization and can operate with two solid state NMR probes (3.2 mm and 1.3 mm with MAS capabilities at 24 KHz and 67 KHz, respectively), a diffusion probe (17 T/m max. gradient strength, capable of measuring diffusion rates down to 10E-13 to 10E-14 m^2/s), and a micro-imaging probe (triple axis gradients for anisotropic diffusion measurements or high resolution MRI of materials).


The NEO-500 is equipped with a Avance IV NEO console and a 5 mm 1H/BB iProbe. The spectrometer runs on full-automation using a SampleXpress autosampler and provides a high-throughput screening capability for all routine and crude NMR samples.


The AV-500 is equipped with an Avance I console and is capable of liquids and solid state experiments. Two liquids probes are available, a 5 mm 1H/BB Smart probe (BBO) covering 103Rh (15.73 MHz) to 31P, and a triple channel inverse 1H/31P/BB Smart probe (TBI). With most liquids probes, routine variable temperature operation over the range of +/-100 °C is available. It is possible to operate over an extended range of +/- 150 °C by request. The AV-500 normally operates with the BBO probe installed. A 4 mm 1H/13C High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning probe (HR-MAS) with a magic angle gradient and a 4 mm 1H/BB CP-MAS probe are also available for solids NMR.


This instrument is set up with an Avance I console and a 5 mm Z-gradient 1H/BB Smart probe with a range from 109Ag to 31P. In addition to the commonly measured 1H 13C, 31P spectra, a large number of nuclei can be observed routinely.


This instrument is equipped with an Avance I console and a 5 mm 1H/13C/19F/31P QNP probe for measuring proton, carbon, phosphorus and fluorine spectra without having to tune the probe. The probe is optimized for observing nuclei other than protons.

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