Microanalytical Facility

Microanalytical Facility
Elena Kreimer
Office: 23 Lewis Hall
Lab: 22 Lewis Hall
Phone: (510) 642-0701

The Microanalytical Facility provides services of elemental analysis. In these analyses, carbon (C), nitrogen (N), hydrogen (H) and sulfur (S) are determined using instrumentation for CHNS analysis. Virtually any other element, except halogens, inert gases and oxygen, can be determined using ICP instrumentation. Elemental analysis serves numerous fields including pharmaceutical (product synthesis), petrochemical (oil and its derivatives), chemistry (polymers and other products), environmental (soil, sediments, water, leaves, wood, etc.), and food industry (protein analysis, etc.). The analysis provides information on elemental composition, purity, elemental ratio and empirical formula of chemical compounds.

NOTICE: Microanalytical Facility Usage Rules During SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic


  1. ThermoFisher Flash Smart Elemental analyzer (the C, H, N, S analysis); the detection limit is 0.01%.
  2. Perkin Elmer CHNS 2400 Series II Analyzer; the detection limit for C, H, N, and S is 0.2%.
  3. Perkin Elmer ICP Optima 7000 DV Spectrometer; the detection limit is 0.01ppm. This is an open access instrument.

Sample Requirements

Ten mg is required for CHNS analyses. Generally, samples must be solid, but oils can be analyzed, too.

Ten ml of aqueous solution is required for the ICP analysis of metals and other elements.


The results of routine CHNS analysis are usually available in 3 working days. In addition, the Facility is fully equipped for the analysis of air sensitive samples. The analysis of air sensitive samples is performed on Thursdays and Fridays. Samples submitted by 10:00 AM on Thursdays will be analyzed by 5 PM on Fridays. If a sample will react in air within 10 minutes, it must be submitted as an air sensitive sample.

Please contact Elena Kreimer before sending radioactive samples.

Submission Form

To submit samples for the Microanalytical Facility register with our new online submission system:
Please label each sample vial with the corresponding request number.

Sample Drop off/Pick up

There is a basket in 22 Lewis marked "Sample Submission". Tape your sample to the submission form and put it in the basket. For off-hours sample submission, use Microanalytical Facility Annex located down the hall. After analysis, your sample(s) can be picked up in 22 Lewis Hall. The results of analysis will be available online.

Please direct your questions regarding elemental analysis to Elena Kreimer.