PDP Graduation Requirements

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The PDP program places equal emphasis on advanced course work in new product development principles, specific industry practices and the field study assignment. Successful completion of each of these elements is a prerequisite to graduation. The specific courses taken in the PDP program are selected in consultations between the student, the PDP Executive Director and a faculty adviser. Upon entrance to the program, students will be required to declare an industry area specialization so that an appropriate academic schedule can be constructed. Students must complete a minimum of 28 units with at least 18 of those units from letter-graded courses which include a minimum of 12 units in graduate-level (i.e., 200 series) courses.

Specific coursework to pursue an industry track will vary based on the individual student's interests and the availability of course offerings in a given year.

Contact the PDP

Keith AlexanderDr. Keith Alexander
PDP Executive Director
410B Latimer Hall
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Steve Sciamanna

Dr. Steve Sciamanna
PDP Lecturer
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Sudhir Joshi

Dr. Sudhir Joshi
PDP Lecturer
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Iris Acosta

Ms. Iris Acosta
PDP Graduate Student Adviser
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