Professional Masters Degree in Product Development


In Fall 2006, the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at U.C. Berkeley initiated a new and innovative Product Development Program (PDP). The PDP is a graduate-level degree program whose central aim is to fill the unmet need at national and international levels for graduates of chemical engineering and related disciplines who have knowledge and field experience in the complex process of transforming technical innovations into commercially successful products. In the space of one calendar year, PDP graduates will gain exposure to real-world product development practices in a range of chemical process-intensive industries including biotechnology, microelectronics , nanoscience and consumer products. The PDP does not require a research thesis, but students will find completing the extensive coursework and field study assignment challenging.

PDP Fills A Specific Niche

By combining elements of advanced technical knowledge with focused business-related training, the PDP aims to fill a specific niche in the "choice space" of graduate education options for engineering graduates.

PDP fills a specific niche

Contact the PDP

Ms. Iris Acosta
PDP Graduate Student Adviser
402 Latimer Hall
(510) 642-1387

Keith AlexanderDr. Keith Alexander
PDP Executive Director
410B Latimer Hall
(510) 642-4526

PDP Faculty

In addition to the PDP Executive Director, Dr. Keith Alexander, the entire regular tenure and non-tenure track faculty of the chemical engineering department will act as advisors and occasional lecturers in the program. Faculty will also play an important guidance role in the PDP field study projects. See the CBE Faculty Directory for descriptions of the professional backgrounds and areas of research interest of every faculty member.