M.S. in Chemical Engineering

Student in lab

About the M.S. Degree

At Berkeley, graduate work in chemical and biomolecular engineering emphasizes the excitement of original research in frontier areas of applied science. Graduate students may pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering, or they may apply for an M.S. in Chemical Engineering. While formal courses are necessary to provide scientific fundamentals and intellectual breadth, the primary characteristic of Berkeley's graduate experience is to participate in the quest for new knowledge. .

A total of 24 semester units are required for the M.S. Of the 24 units, Academic Senate regulations state that a minimum of 12 units must be in 200-level courses in Chemical Engineering (230, 240, 244, 250 and 274). Additional 12 units in upper division/graduate courses electives as approved by our Graduate Advisor. Research is not a requirement for the M.S. However, students may opt to enroll in research credits with an Advisor.

There is a comprehensive exam given by at least 2 Senate faculty testing on a) transport phenomena; b) kinetics and chemical fundamentals; and c) thermodynamics at the end of the first semester.

Time for completion of the degree is 2 semesters.

Professional Masters Degree

The Department also offers a Professional Master's in Product Development. Visit the PDP webpages to learn more about this program.


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