Engineering & Facilities

Michael C. Kumpf, CHMM
Assistant Dean, Facilities Operations & Research Safety
444 Latimer Hall
(510) 643-0648

Renovations & Engineering Support
Building Operations Management & Maintenance
Shops & Research Support Services
Liquid Air Operation
Organic & Physical Storeroom
Room Reservations

Renovations and Engineering Support

Contact: Michael C. Kumpf, (510) 643-0648

All renovations, such as alterations, modifications or additions to building spaces, systems, or equipment, must be pre-approved by the College Facilities Committee, chaired by Michael C. Kumpf. Regardless of the funding source, no renovations may be performed without prior committee approval. This Facility Committee consists of: the Dean of the College, Associate Executive Dean, Assistant Deans, Facility Manager and the Director of the EHS&S Program.

Engineering support is provided to technical and research personnel in the design and construction of research, teaching, and building-related equipment, in the liquid air operation, and in renovation of laboratories, offices, and classrooms.

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Building (Facilities) Management

College of Chemistry Building (Facilities) Management Unit is responsible for coordination of maintenance and repairs the seven-building College Complex. For Chemistry and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering departments properly functioning building systems are critical for the success of the departments' instructional and scientific research activities. CoC Facility Management Mission is to do their utmost to ensure that these buildings and the building systems are maintained in their optimal condition. The Facilities Management Unit is also responsible for emergency response, security, and protection of the occupants and operations during renovations and utility repairs, and maintenance.

The booklet "Who Does It! Where to Find It! How To Do It Safely!" is the College of Chemistry tradition. First appearing in hard copy in the mid-seventies, it is now in PDF form. The "Who Does it!...", as its name implies, outlines everything from safety and emergency protocols to service units for the College of Chemistry complex. This is a must have resource for any college occupant. It is required that all building occupants read and understand the safety section of the "Who Does It!..." before beginning any work in the College. (See Building Management documents below to download "Who Does it!....")