Shops & Research Support

About the College Shops

The College of Chemistry Shops offer comprehensive technical expertise in support of the College's mission of providing the highest quality in education, research, and public service. Shop technical services facilitate the exploration, discovery, and dissemination of new scientific knowledge. These Shops are able to provide the researcher with a full range of professional services including consultation and design, project management, and fabrication. Their services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Installation and repair of experimental equipment and instrumentation.
  • Laboratory fit up, improvements, and repair.
  • Laboratory equipment, vacuum pump, and small motor maintenance and repair.
  • Electrical improvements and repair.
  • Scientific glassblowing.
  • Precision prototype machining and welding.
  • Precision sheet metal fabrication.
  • Precision machining of difficult to machine materials such as glass (quartz, Pyrex, Borofloat) and also ceramics such as alumina, Macor, and various grades of graphite.
  • Custom design and fabrication of high purity, high vacuum components as well as leak testing capabilities and rough hydrostatic pressure testing.
  • 3D printing


Michael Brateng
Trade Shop Manager
B18 Latimer Hall
(510) 643-2079