Other Enrollment Options

Summer Sessions

Concurrent Enrollment Through UC Berkeley Extension

  • Students wishing to enroll in a course on a "concurrent enrollment through UC Berkeley Extension" basis have the lowest priority for course enrollment. Students are normally required to wait until after classes begin to determine if there is space in the course. For information on procedures for enrolling in courses on a concurrent enrollment through UC Berkeley Extension basis, go to the UC Berkeley Extension web site. From the UC Berkeley Extension web site, click on Concurrent Enrollment on the Course Catalog drop down menu.
  • International students who want to apply for classes through Concurrent Enrollment must be formally invited by a UCB campus department chair or professor to study full time (12 semester units) within that department. There are also general international student requirements that must be met in addition to being formally invited. For information regarding general international student requirements, please e-mail UC Berkeley Extension International Student Services.

Education Abroad Reciprocity

Students who plan to attend UC Berkeley through the Education Abroad Reciprocity Program are advised to select courses carefully.

  • You should determine if you have sufficient background preparation for the courses you want to take. Look up each course in the UC Berkeley general catalog and read the course description and the course prerequisite. Also, as necessary look up the course descriptions of the prerequisite courses to help you determine whether or not you already covered the prerequisite subjects. If you need advice on whether or not a particular course is at the right level for you, contact the course instructor. Note: The UC Berkeley schedule of classes includes names of the course instructors, and the Faculty section on the College of Chemistry web site links to contact information for Chemical Engineering and Chemistry faculty.
  • You should determine if the courses you want to take will likely be offered during the fall and/or spring semester(s) you plan to be at UC Berkeley. Look up each course in the most recent UC Berkeley schedule of classes. If the course was last offered in fall, there is a good chance (but no guarantee) it will be offered again in fall. If the course was last offered in spring, there is a good chance (but no guarantee) it will be offered again in spring.

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