Change of College

Students from other colleges/schools at UC Berkeley (Letters and Science, Engineering, Natural Resources, etc.) who enter as freshmen may apply for on-campus transfer to the College of Chemistry after completing two full semesters at Berkeley. We strongly suggest that students adopt our curriculum as soon as they have decided to transfer into our college.

Students who enter as junior transfers are generally ineligible to change into the College of Chemistry, though some exceptions may apply.


1. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum and degree requirements for the major you're interested in.

2. Please make an appointment with Sanjeev to go over the Change of College process.

3. Forms

Acceptable Course Substitutions

The College of Chemistry commonly accepts the following course substitutions for students changing into Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or Chemical Engineering from other colleges at UC Berkeley:

Chem 1A + 1AL = Chem 4A

Chem 1A/L + Chem 15 = Chem 4A + Chem 4B (for Chemistry and Chemical Biology majors)

Chem 1A/L + Chem 1B = Chem 4A + Chem 4B (Chemical Engineering majors*)

Chem 3A/L = Chem 12A+

Chem 3B/L = Chem 12B+

Please note that the Chem 1 and 3 series provide less rigorous preparation for upper division courses. Once students are approved to change into the College of Chemistry, they must adhere to the College’s curriculum requirements (e.g., complete Chem 12B+, not Chem 3B).

*Entrance into the Chemical Engineering major is particularly competitive. Prospective Chem E majors should take the Chem 4 series and CBE 40 to increase their chances of being accepted.

Chem 12A = 112A and Chem 12B = Chem 112B for Spring 2017 or earlier.

Additional Questions

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