Chemical Biology Major Transfer Program

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology* provides an understanding of the chemical principles of biological function by emphasizing the development of a solid background in chemistry. In addition to an introductory set of math and physics courses and a broad selection of the same chemistry courses required for the chemistry major, students pursuing the chemical biology major take general and cell biology, biochemistry, biological macromolecular synthesis, and bioinorganic chemistry. The curriculum highlights organic chemistry, quantitative thermodynamics, and kinetics, subjects necessary for understanding the logic of biological systems. The Chemical Biology major is intended for students who are interested in careers as professional chemists, or in the biological sciences including the biomedical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

* Please note that Chemical Biology is distinct from Biochemistry. Biochemistry is an emphasis within the Molecular and Cell Biology Major, housed in the College of Letters and Science.

Transfer students normally begin the upper division Chemical Biology program after having completed courses equivalent to Chemistry 1A, 1AL, 1B, 3A, 3AL, 3B, 3BL; Math 1A, 1B, 53; Physics 7A or 8A; English R1A, R1B; and most of the Breadth requirement.

Course Sequence Chart

Suggested Sequence of Courses

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Biology (2 year Transfer Program)
Third Year (Junior) Fall Spring
Chemistry 15 (Fall only)  or Chemistry 105* (Spring only) 3 4
Chemistry 135 (F) 3 -
Chemistry 120A** - 3
Allied Subject 3-4
Molecular & Cell Biology 110 -- Macromolecular Synthesis & Cellular Function - 4
Chemistry C110L -- Biochemistry lab - 4
Bio 1A + 1AL 5 -
Math 54*** or Physics 7B or 8B 4 -
Total 15 14-15
Fourth Year (Senior) Fall Spring
Chemistry 120B** (Fall only) 3 -
Chemistry 103 (F) -- Inorganic Chem in Living Systems 3
Chemistry lab requirement (105, 125, C170L, or C182) 3-4 -
Chemistry elective - 3-4
American Cultures - 3-4
Research, other 3-4 3-4
Seminar, DeCal, PE class, other 1
Total 13-15 13
 *New transfer students in Chemistry and Chemical Biology may opt out of taking Chemistry 15 (Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 3 units). Students who opt out of Chem 15 will be required to take Chemistry 105 (Instrumental Methods in Analytical Chemistry, 4 units) in Spring to satisfy the analytical chemistry requirement. Chem 105 is a considerably more advanced course. Please review the Chem 15 list of lecture & lab topics and these guidelines for choosing Chem 15 vs. Chem 105.
**Chem 120A and 120B should be taken in sequence. Note that Math 54 (Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) is a pre-requisite for the 120 series.
***Physics 89 may be substituted for Math 54

 A Suggested Course Sequence

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