Peer Advisers and Advising Schedule

Advising Schedule Spring 2018
121 GILMAN HALLMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Chemistry 1-2pm

Frank G.



Chemical Biology 1-2pm


12:30 -1:30pm
Chemical Engineering 1-2pm

Jenny C.
(JR. Transfer)

Peer Advisers

Jenny ChanJenny Chan
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Engineering
Major Classes: Chemical Engineering 140, 141, 150A, 150B, 179
Spring 2018 Classes: Chemical Engineering 154 & 162, Bioengineering 11, Physics 137A

Jenny is a Senior from Macau, a small town in China that is also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. She transferred from Pasadena City College in Fall 2016. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, trying new foods and buying makeup products. If you are a transfer student or an international student who are having a hard time adapting to a new environment, feel free to come by to talk about transferring to Cal, scheduling courses, life, or anything else! Even if you are not a transfer student, you are also welcomed to stop by her office hours to ask about classes, or any other questions you may have.

Shirley ChenShirley Chen
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Biology
Major Classes: : Chemistry Biology135, Physical Chemistry 120B, Inorganic Chemistry 103, Chemistry 4A/4B, Organic Chemistry 112A/112B, Chemistry 96, Math 1A/1B, Math 53/54, Physics 7A/7B, Biology 1A/1AL
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem195, Chem120A, Chem105

Shirley is a junior from Vancouver, Canada. She currently works in Ke Xu's lab on super-resolution microscopy. In her freshman year, she was part of the Women in Science and Engineering theme program. She joined the co-ed professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma in her sophomore year. Shirley likes jazz music, Taekwondo, skiing and exploring new restaurants. She also loves playing the piano and flute. If you have questions about classes, research or anything else, please stop by!

Peer Adviser Justin ChengJustin Cheng
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Biology
Major Classes: Chem 4A/B, Chem 12A, Math 53/54, Physics 7A/B, ChemE H194, ChemE 40, Bio 1A
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem 12B, Bio 1B, ChemE H194

Justin is a sophomore from Irvine, California majoring in chemical biology intended pre-med. He currently works in the Maboudian Group studying the formation of graphene and other 2D nanomaterials. He is interested in the intersection between health and nanotechnology, and is involved with the Berkeley Free Clinic, the ASUC Solar Committee, and the E98 Decal. Stop by his office hours to ask anything about the CoC or life in general!

Franco FaucherFranco Faucher
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemistry
Major Classes: Chem 4A/B. Chem 12A/B, Chem 120A, Chem 135, Chem 104A
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem 104B, Chem 146, BIOE 115, UGBA 96

Franco is a sophomore from America's finest city, San Diego. He spent a year working in the Samorjai Lab working on nanoparticles synthesis for heterogenous catalysis. Franco aims to attend graduate school and hopes to work for a company like Genentech in the future. Franco enjoys hanging out with friends in his free time but also loves to play video games. If you want to make a new friend at Berkeley, need help, or want to join a research group then come visit Franco for a world of possibility.

Tahoe FialaTahoe Fiala
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemistry Major
Major Classes: Chem 4A/B, Chem 112A/B, Chem 120A Physics 7A/B, Math 53/54, French R1B, and Japanese 1A/B
Spring 2018: Chem 104B and Chem 146

Tahoe is a Junior Chemistry Major from Fresno, CA. He is a member of the Francis Lab and studies the chemistry of rotaxanes with applications in Hyper-CEST Xeon NMR. In his free time, he enjoys skiing and rock climbing. He has helped in Chem 4A and 12A lab sections as a Teacher Scholar and was a TA for Chem 3BL last summer. He has taken Chem 4A/B, Chem 12A/B, Chem 120A/B, Chem 104A, and Chem 135. He is currently enrolled in Chem 104B and Chem 146. Visit Tahoe if you want to chat about chemistry, philosophy, or the great outdoors.

Frank GaoFrank Gao
Peer Adviser

Major Classes: Chemistry 4A/B, 112A/B, 104A/B, 120A/B, 220A, Physics H7A/BMath 54, 121A, 110, CS 61A, 61B, 70
Spring 2018 Classes: CS 170, Stat 150, Chemistry 195, research

Frank is a junior who is interested in computational chemistry and He has also done research in biochemistry lab. Frank has also been teaching chemistry scholar for the Chem 4 series.

If you seek course advices or are interested in teaching, feel free to come by and have a chat.

Peer Adviser Jarad GonzalesJarad Gonzales
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Engineering
Major Classes:  CBE 40, CBE 140
Spring 2018 Classes: CBE 141, CBE 150A, Bio 1B, Mat Sci 45

Jarad Gonzales is a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA. He is also intending to pursue a Cal Teach minor and Energy and Resources minor because along with chemistry, education and conservation are some of his biggest passions. Chem E Car, the Chemistry Teachers Scholars Program, and the Filipino community at Cal are his main involvements on campus. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, beatboxing, and going on spontaneous adventures with friends. If you have any questions about CoC, Berkeley in general, or if you just want to chat, please feel free to come by!

Edward MuEdward Mu
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemistry
Major Classes: Chem 4A/B/12A/104A, Physics 7A, Math 1B/53/54
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem 12B/104B, Physics 7B, MSE 45/L, Music 145 (Chamber Chorus)

Edward is a sophomore from Maple Grove, Minnesota. On campus, he is involved with AXΣ, ACS, and Science Olympiad at Berkeley. Over the summer, he did immunology research in the Vance Lab (MCB). His hobbies include table tennis and listening to Kpop. Please feel free to stop by with any questions about scheduling, utilizing the resources available to you in the CoC and at Berkeley, balancing your lifestyle, or if you just want to talk! 

Alex OantaAlex Oanta
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemistry B.S.
Major Classes: Chem 4A/B, Chem 12A/B, Chem 104A/B, Chem 108, Chem 120B
Other Technical Classes: CBE 40, CBE 140, Math 53/54, Engineering 7, Physics 7B
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem 120A, Chem C150, Italian 2

Alex is a junior from San Diego, where he has spent countless days surfing at the beach. He currently conducts synthetic inorganic chemistry research in the Arnold group on Rhenium oxo systems. In his free time, Alex likes trying new hipster restaurants, and spontaneously travelling around the Bay Area. Currently, Alex is involved in Klesis and RCSA, although in the past he has been part of ChemE Car, AIChE, CoC Teacher Scholars (Chem 4A), and Club Badminton. If you have any questions about CoC life, or anything in general, please feel free to stop by!

Peer Adviser Lisha OuLisha Ou
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Biology
Major Classes: CHEM 4A/4B, CHEM 12A/12B, CHEM 120A, CHEM 103, CHEM 120A, CHEM 135, MATH 53/54, PHYS 7A/8B, BIO 1A/1AL
Spring 2018 Classes: CHEM C271ABC, MCB 104, MCB 110, CHEM H194

Lisha is a junior from Diamond Bar, California majoring in Chemical Biology and minoring in Toxicology. She is currently a member of the Nomura Lab helping to discover potential new drugs by profiling the reactivity of molecules against the proteome. She is also active in Alpha Chi Sigma and BASIS (Bay Area Scientists in Schools), and works at Doe/Moffitt Circulation. In her free time, Lisha loves to watch movies, listen to podcasts, draw and design, and take walks. She hopes to pursue a PhD and work in the field of drug discovery/medicinal chemistry in the future.

Emmy TianEmmy Tian
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Biology
Major Classes: Chem 4A/4B, Chem 112A/B, Physics 7A/8B, Bio 1A, Chem 135, Chem 103, Chem 120A
Other Technical Classes: Math 53, Engineering 7, CBE 40, Stats 20
Spring 2018 Classes: Chem 105, IB 132/L, MCB 110

Emmy is a junior from Reno, Nevada. On campus, she is involved with Foresight, Grant a Wish, and AXΣ. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new food, making crafts, and volunteering with the Make-A-Wish foundation. She is interested in vision science and Optometry (and of course chemistry!), and plans on pursuing an Optometry Degree after her undergraduate education. If you have any questions about pre-health requirements, scheduling, study tips, or anything else, feel free to stop by! Hope to see you soon : )

Nicholas YivNicholas Yiv
Peer Adviser

Major: Chemical Biology
Major Classes: Chem 135, Chem 103, Chem 120B, Chem 112A/B, Chem 4A/B
Spring 2018 Classes: MCB 110, Chem 120A, Chem C110L

Nick is a junior from Long Beach, California. He recently started working at the Wang Lab during the summer leading up to his junior year, which focuses on glucocorticoids and its receptors. He plans to attend grad school and become a researcher in the future. His hobbies are playing tennis, videogames, and cooking.