Anne Baranger announced as inaugural Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

August 19, 2020

Anne Baranger

Dean Douglas Clark of the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley has announced that Anne Baranger, Teaching Professor in the Department of Chemistry, will serve as the College’s first Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for a three-year term. 

What are my chances of admission to the Molecular Science and Software Engineering Master's Degree program?

Fall 2020 is the first cohort of the new degree so the program does not yet have any statistics to offer regarding admission rates and demographics of its students. 

Check out the UC Berkeley Graduate Admissions site for more details on requirements for applying and a direct link to Apply.

How is this program different from a combined BS/MS (also known as a 5th-year Master) program?

The Molecular Science and Software Engineering (MSSE) online part-time professional Master's Degree program focuses on providing its students with specialized knowledge and the ability to apply such knowledge in the areas of software engineering, high-performance computing (HPC), molecular science, big data analytics, and entrepreneurship. The Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley does not currently offer any combined BS/MS degree. The MSSE is the only master’s degree it accepts students into. 

Matthew Francis discusses lowering the activation barrier to change

May 13, 2019

Matthew Francis discusses the graduate diversity project

Professor Matthew Francis discusses the new Graduate Life Committee diversity initiative with graduate student founders Emily Hartman and Chrissy Stachl.

College of Chemistry students launch ChemUNITY club

August 24, 2018

ChemUNITY clubStudents organize new club to address issues around underrepresentation at the college. Club activities planned include creating study groups, bringing in corporate speakers and helping club members consider application for, and navigate the pipeline to, graduate school.