DEIB in the News

In a diverse global chemical society, we continuously reflect on the impact of infusing the components of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) for the College of Chemistry community. As a College we strive to promote transparency and ensure accountability for the entire College community. All members of the College community share in cultivating, sustaining, and continuously developing an environment in which equity is intentionally sought and inclusiveness is practiced. Listed below are news and/or programs related to DEIB at the college.

CD Lounge (Celebrating Diversity Lounge) officially opens

July 18, 2023

 Marisol Navarro, Julia Martin, Angel Gonzalez-Valero, Abigail Hinojosa, Andre Sanchez, Vanessa Gonzalez

Photo: NODE (Normalization of Diversity and Equity) members: Marisol Navarro, Julia Martin, Angel Gonzalez-Valero, Abigail Hinojosa, Andre Sanchez, Vanessa Gonzalez.


Nobelists show their hands in photo exhibit by noted German photographer

September 15, 2023
Jennifer Doudna is one of 60 Nobel Prize winners captured by renowned German photographer Herlinde Koelbl. Also featured in this exhibit are college alumna Frances Arnold and former professor Carolyn Bertozzi.

Arc Institute announces new cohort of Investigators to pursue curiosity-driven research

September 20, 2023
Professor Alanna Schepartz and colleagues named recipients of the first cohort of ARC Innovation Investigators. Arc Institute scientists receive no-strings-attached funding to tackle their most important ideas.

CBE student Luisa Dell among recipients of 'Future Leaders in Chemical Engineering' award

October 12, 2023
CBE undergraduate student Luisa Dell has been named a recipient of the highly selective national award symposium for undergraduate researchers.

COVID Stories: Sourdough bread with a purpose

March 24, 2021

Seniors Brendan Huang and Carolyn Hong

Seniors Brendan Huang and Carolyn Hong, who both have received the COVID-19 vaccine and are in the same social bubble, met in an organic chemistry lab as sophomores, became fast friends and wound up baking sourdough bread together. It’s an adventure that Hong calls “our sourdough journey.” (Photo by Talia Patt...

New Summer Bridge course introduces incoming first-years to chemistry research skills

July 22, 2021

Summer Bridge students in the lab

Members of the Summer Bridge program preparing to start a lab on "engineering a plastics separation". Photo courtesy of Jade Fostvedt.

An introductory cohort of 13 incoming first-year chemistry students were invited to take part in a new summer chemistry course, Preparation for Chemistry for College of Chemistry Majors....

We are all made of the same components

August 24, 2021

Liliana Rojas

Liliana Rojas is a first-year student majoring in chemical engineering at UC Berkeley. (Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small)

Liliana Rojas states, “In high school, I knew I wanted to study chemistry in college. Chemistry is all around us, literally everywhere. I will be walking down the street, and I’ll stop for a moment and think, ‘Oh, wait a minute, these huge obstacles...

Building a community of belonging

September 23, 2022

Article highlights the program that is being run to improve deveristy, equity, and inclusion in the College of ChemistryStudents attend the 150th anniversary party at the College of ChemistryStory written for the Spring/Summer 2022 Catalyst magazine about the graduate student diversity program at the College.

Summer intern Arjun Garapaty designs microfluidic device

September 9, 2022

Arjun Garapaty at MRI Global

Arjun Garapaty during his summer internship at MRIGlobal. Photo courtesy of MRIGlobal.

Arjun Garapaty thinks big. It wasn’t that long ago that he earned a perfect score on his ACT test… as a sophomore in high school. Now a sophomore at University of California,...

Q&A: Kay Xia: Inaugural College of Chemistry Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholar

June 19, 2023

Kay XiaFifth year graduate student Kay Xia (lab of Dean Toste) is the first recipient of the College of Chemistry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Scholar Program. This scholarship covers a year of tuition and includes a stipend for a graduate student to work on a project that's related to DEI in the Department of Chemistry. We were delighted to speak to Kay Xia, the inaugural...