Graduate Student Instructor Awards announced

April 28, 2020

GSI Awardees 2020

CHEMISTRY Top row: Katherine Oosterbaan, Elliot Rossomme, Sophia Steffens, Scott Stonemeyer, Jake Wilson, Wendy Cao, Neville Dadina; Second row:  Jade Fostvedt, Chloe Gao, Kristen Gardner, Kim Houghton, William Kayitare, Robert Lusi, Ephraim Neumann; Third row: Magan Powell, Amanda Bischoff, Ian Bakanas, Stephen Bierschenk, Brandon Bloomer, Julia Carlstad; CBE Fourth row: Kimberly Chan, Matthew Crafton, Jeremy Adams, Tzu-Yang Huang, and Eric Taw

The College of Chemistry is proud to announce the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) awardees for 2019-2020.  The Departments of Chemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering had standout students this year both in the classroom and online as the College moved the lab classes from on-campus to online in just a few short weeks this spring.

Each year, a number of graduate students from the College work as instructors in undergraduate courses to gain experience for future careers in academia. The Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award honors a unique group for their outstanding work in the teaching of undergraduates. The recipients are nominated from within their teaching departments. The UC Berkeley GSI Teaching & Resource Center provides the award recipients with certificates of distinction and normally would host a celebratory ceremony in the spring.

Comments during the nomination process show the commitment and caring these instructors have for their students. One student said of their instructor, "My instructor is the best GSI I have come across. Not only is she brilliant, but she is an understanding and caring person. I feel that she always understood my questions and went above and beyond to help. She is great and definitely deserves the 'Outstanding GSI Award'; 10/10!"

Another student had this to say, "He was a fantastic GSI! One thing that stands out was his commitment to helping the students learn. When many project groups were all having trouble with Aspen modeling of carbon dioxide capture systems, he took the time to put together a list of helpful tips for simulation and held many sessions of office hours to help students."

Congratulations to all of this year's awardees. We salute you.