New Student Programs

The College of Chemistry Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are offered to assist students transitioning into the College of Chemistry.

New Discovery Learning Course for Transfer Students Begins Fall 2022

The College of Chemistry (CoC) will offer a new one-credit, seminar-style course exclusively for incoming transfer students, Chem 102: Foundations of Discovery Learning for College of Chemistry Transfer Students. Students will be guided to develop and engage in creative discovery experiences and will be provided with advice and support to assist in their transition to the CoC.

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Current Programs for Transfer Students

Current transfer students are advised to join either the Transfer Student Mentorship Program, which pairs transfer students with graduate student mentors who help guide them toward research experiences within the CoC, or the Chemistry Alumi Mentorship Program, which pairs transfer students with College of Chemistry alumni mentors.

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Summer Bridge Program for Incoming First Years

The Summer Bridge Program is designed to help incoming first-year students develop study habits, chemical vocabulary, knowledge of essential chemistry concepts, and laboratory techniques that are needed to succeed at the College of Chemistry, UC Berkeley.

Through this program, students are engaged in the larger community of chemistry through historical anecdotes, immersion in current research via lightning talks from graduate students and professors, and interactions with members of the CoC community (professors, graduate students, peers, and advisors).

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