Dept. of CBE: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The faculty of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering have instituted a policy going forward to review, discuss, and act on issues pertaining to racism in STEM. We understand that this will be a continuing process that we will be addressing regularly. We will post new insights and processes here as they become available.

  • The faculty of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) at UC Berkeley have determined the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) is a proven identifier of race and socio-economic status. Its association with successful completion of the doctorate is minimal, and its fulfillment is an economic burden on applicants. CBE will no longer consider it for admission.
  • We will dedicate one colloquium per semester on a subject dedicated to anti-racism.
  • We will regularly engage our faculty and students in forums on anti-racism inviting knowledgeable guest speakers to facilitate.
  • We will improve and expand our Ph.D. exit surveys to ask more questions pertaining to the experiences of graduates and allow them to share insights into their experiences that can allow for change.  
  • We will review and act on the policy and practice for graduate application fee waivers so that economic pressure to apply can be avoided.
  • We reaffirm that up to 3 students and faculty that wish to attend each major URM STEM conference (e.g., SACNAS, NSBE, NOBCChE, SWE, etc.) can do so on departmental funding.

At the College level

  • We will release all employees at noon on Juneteenth for review, reflection, and participation in activities recognizing the ending of slavery in the United States.
  • We will create a yearly lectureship at the highest level of distinction (equivalent to the Lewis Lectureship) with invited lectures for all faculty, staff, and students on the subject of anti-racism.
  • We will create a senior administrative post, and standing action committee, on College-wide actions in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Our Commitment to Diversity

CBE recognizes that a diverse faculty, staff, and student body is vital to producing future leaders, creating innovative research, and serving society. Our faculty and students collaborate on a range of programs aimed at promoting diversity, from undergraduate and graduate outreach to academic support and pre-professional advancement.

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering believes that a diverse student body, faculty and staff are critical to our mission of educating leaders, creating knowledge, and serving society. The college’s faculty and staff are deeply involved in the programs listed here — which support first-generation students, underrepresented minorities, women, transfer students, veterans and others — and the department provides significant support (both in terms of financial support and in terms of participation) for ongoing and expanded opportunities. These and other campus programs help our students develop academically, professionally and as leaders.

  • Informational table at diversity conferences such as NSBE, SWE, OSTEM, SACNAS, SHPE and ABRCMS. For dates please visit our Facebook page.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion CBE Committee
  • Participation in Graduate Division’s Diversity Day for Admitted Students in March
  • Chancellor’s Plans to Advance Faculty Diversity
  • Department-hosted Graduate Women’s events

In addition, the CBE department works with the Graduate Division and the Office of Faculty Equity and Welfare to identify and recruit prospective graduate students and faculty who will advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the department and the University.

UC Berkeley is committed to Diversity.

Additional reading and videos:

UC Berkeley & CBE Codes of Conduct

Berkeley CBE students are expected to adhere to all aspects of the university's Student Code of Conduct. Faculty are expected to adhere to the university's Faculty Code of Conduct.

Policy on Sexual Harassment

The University of California and the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are committed to creating and maintaining a community where all individuals who participate in University programs and activities can work and learn together in an environment free of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. Every member of the community should be aware that the University prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence, and that such behavior violates both law and University policy.

Resources for Reporting Intolerance and Advancing Equity and Inclusion

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