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Throughout the year the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) graduate office hosts a number of informal events with women/women-identified students in CBE. We host events to welcome new students, network, share experiences, discuss issues and socialize in order to promote a greater sense of well being and create support to encourage our students to succeed in finishing their PhD.

Please email chegrad@cchem.berkeley.edu for more information.

There are many resources available on campus that also promote this same idea we have tried to compile the most relevant here:

Campus Resources

Center for Race and Gender
An interdisciplinary research center at the University of California, Berkeley that supports critical and engaged research on race, gender, and their intersections.

Gender Equity Resource Center

Graduate Student Wellness Guide

Policy Against Harassment
Information on department and campus policy and how to report sexual harassment, as well as resources.

STEM Equity and Inclusion Initiative
The Division of Equity & Inclusion aims to deepen campus impact by strengthening and supporting UC Berkeley's STEM diversity programs.

Thriving in Science
A campus-wide, professional development initiative that is intended to provide graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with the resources and support to make the most of their academic training.

UC Berkeley - Division of Equity and Inclusion
The Division of Equity & Inclusion provides leadership, accountability and inspiration to the UC Berkeley campus in integrating equity, inclusion and diversity into all aspects of university life.

Women's Resources (GenEq)
Dedicated to addressing the needs of the women's community on campus by providing information, support services, and resource referrals.  We are open to students, post-docs, faculty, and staff. Information on:

  •   Academics
  •   Feminism
  •   Health & Counseling
  •   Housing
  •   Local and National Resources
  •   On-Campus Organizations
  •   Queer Women
  •   Scholarships
  •   Students with Dependents
  •   Women and Disability
  •   Women of Color
  •   Women's Athletics

Campus Organizations

Berkeley Women in Business (BWIB)
The purpose of Berkeley Women in Business is to educate our members about contemporary issues in the business world while at the same time, providing them with career-networking opportunities and professional development.

Confi is a national network that are dedicated to promote women's health, sexuality, mental health, and relationship issues through credible health information which de-stigmatizes sensitive topics.

GWE is a GradSWE organization made up of graduate engineering students from all engineering disciplines at the University of California, Berkeley. Our primary purpose is to support all graduate engineering women (in body, spirit or identity — past, present, future, and fluid) in all their engineering endeavors.

Iota Sigma Pi
Iota Sigma Pi is a national honor society for women in chemistry. Its major objectives are to promote interest in chemistry among women students; to foster mutual advancement in academic, business, and social life; and to stimulate personal accomplishment in chemical fields.

Society of Women Engineers
A national nonprofit organization whose objective is to encourage and empower women to reach their full potential as engineers.

Unconscious Bias Project at Berkeley (UBPB)
The Unconscious Bias Project has three main goals: 1) Raise awareness about the prevalence of unconscious bias in STEM; 2) Document how unconscious biases hamper diversity; and 3) Provide scientifically-proven techniques to begin managing biases.

Women in Chemistry Initiative
WICI is an inclusive social and professional network of graduate and postdoctoral students of all genders and experiences. Our mission is to support the health and wellness of our members and community, as well as to promote women in chemistry and chemical engineering, through events both on campus and in the Bay Area.

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Inspirational Quotes

“STEM coursework can be hard. Life is hard. But, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t let a bad sprint ruin your marathon.” – Unknown

Do you have an inspirational quote you would you like to share?

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