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Colleges of Chemistry and Engineering Undergraduate Research Experiences


Established in 1872, the College of Chemistry has been "advancing society through education and research" for over 147 years. The College is distinguished not only for its renowned faculty and cutting-edge scientific discoveries but also for its innovative methods in educating future chemists and chemical engineers. Our students become world-class scientists, researchers, and educators through the education and opportunities that we provide them.

The College of Engineering is equally world-renown and has consistently ranked as one of the top three programs in the world. The College is deeply rooted in offering a dynamic, interdisciplinary, hands-on education. Students are challenged to think beyond convention and to behave with creativity and imagination.

We recognize the intrinsic relationship between diversity and excellence. We embrace open and equitable access to opportunities for learning and development as our obligation and goal. As such, the application process has been designed to fulfill these beliefs.

I am a....

...Research with a start-up company allowed me to get hands-on experience working in industry, while gaining a deeper understanding of the problem I choose to research.
Chemical Engineering Major


For additional information or questions about the program please contact either Dr. Marjorie Went or Assistant Dean Suzanne Sutton.

Dr. Marjorie Went
Lecturer, Dept of CBE

Suzanne Sutton
Senior Assistant Dean for Business Development & Operations