DEIB in the News

In a diverse global chemical society, we continuously reflect on the impact of infusing the components of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) for the College of Chemistry community. As a College we strive to promote transparency and ensure accountability for the entire College community. All members of the College community share in cultivating, sustaining, and continuously developing an environment in which equity is intentionally sought and inclusiveness is practiced. Listed below are news and/or programs related to DEIB at the college.

CUBS give voice to the undergraduate student experience

April 8, 2024
Undergraduate students aim to understand belonging and create CUBS - Chemistry Undergraduate Brainstorming Session - and discuss themes from this year’s climate survey.

Omar Yaghi honored with Fiat Lux Faculty Award

February 23, 2024
Omar Yaghi has received the 2024 Fiat Lux Faculty Award from the Cal Alumni Association as a part of this year's Achievement Awards.

Cell types in the eye have ancient evolutionary origins

December 13, 2023
Research from Karthik Shekhar shows vertebrates vary widely in the number of retinal cell types in the eye, but most cell types seem to have a common origin.

An interview with Richmond Sarpong

February 27, 2024
In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we celebrate our College’s own Richmond Sarpong.

Spotlight on Judith Klinman

March 11, 2024
For women's history month, we are grateful to spotlight Professor of the Graduate School and member of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, Dr. Judith Klinman.

2024 Bakar Prize recipients target skin disease, spintronics and tree bark

March 12, 2024
Rebecca Abergel and Jay Keasling are among the five UC Berkeley faculty members awarded this year's Bakar Prize.

Markita Landry named 2023 Schmidt Science Polymath

October 26, 2023
The 2023 cohort is recognized for having remarkable track records and the desire to explore risky new research ideas across disciplines to accelerate scientific breakthroughs.

Ashok Ajoy named 2023 recipient of Ampere Prize and Anatole Abragam Prize

July 26, 2023
Prof. Ajoy was recognized for his substantial contributions to solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance in view of his creativity, intellectual brilliance, productivity and further promise in scientific research.

Nine young faculty members receive prized Sloan Research Fellowships

February 20, 2024
Kwabena Bediako among the nine young UC Berkeley faculty members to receive the prized 2024 Sloan Research Fellowships.

ACS Publications names Chris Chang as the next Editor-in-Chief of Accounts of Chemical Research

November 14, 2023
Beginning in 2024, Professor Christopher J. Chang will take the helm as Editor-in-Chief of Accounts of Chemical Research.