Willam Lester discusses milestones in his science career

August 17, 2022

William Lester

Professor Emeritus Wiliam Lester gives a pesentation during his career with IBM. Photo courtesy William Lester.

In a new piece authored by Professor Emeritus William Lester for the Journal of Physical Chemistry A, he provides insight into his career in physical chemistry in the US Academic (and National lab) settings and the importance of mentorship and diversity in these environments for next generation researchers. He summarizes key milestones in his career and important interactions and collaborations that ultimately shaped his approach to science and the community. He discusses the chemistry that has been most important to him over the years and how he was able to succeed in pursuing research in this direction. Finally, upon reflection on his long history of research and mentorship, he offers a perspective on the great strides that have been made in the discipline and diversity in the physical chemistry community and what effort is needed to continue the course of improvement in the future.