Raymond wins 2017 Spedding Award

June 22, 2017

Kenneth RaymondChemistry professor Ken Raymond has been awarded the 2017 Spedding Award for his "outstanding contributions to science and technology of the rare earths." The award is being recognized at the 28th Rare Earth Research Conference from June 18-22, 2017 at Iowa State University.

Raymond did early work on siderophores, low-molecular weight complexing agents used by bacteria to obtain the iron they need to grow. This led to a general interest in metal-ion selective chelating agents for a range of applications. These include lanthanide complexes for use in imaging and assay applications, and radioisotope complexing agents for biomedical use. More recently he collaborated with Berkeley colleagues to use metal-ligand supramolecular clusters from his laboratory as host molecules and enzyme mimics in catalysis.

The Frank H. Spedding Award has been awarded previously fourteen times. Spedding received his Ph.D. from Berkeley in 1929. For more information on the award and the Rare Earth Research Conference visit: https://register.extension.iastate.edu/images/events/RERC/Rare-Earth-Pro...