Hey, it's not all chemistry exams at the College

November 26, 2018

AICHe, AXS, and ACS Berkeley co-sponsor Fall Festival

Fall Festival photos courtesy of AICHe members Gaurav Kamat, Jeremy Lan, Aaron He, and Jason Liang.

With midterms winding down, it was time for some well earned relaxation for the students. Fall was in the air on a recent Friday night when AICHe, AXS, ACS Berkeley, and the College of Chemistry pulled out all the stops for this year's Fall Festival. About 375 undergraduate students attended the event which turned into a great evening for some fun and friendly rivalries. Social events ranged from a (pumpkin) pie eating contest to pin the molecule. Along the way, students stomped on balloons, played musical chairs, tossed cup pong, and did selfies in a photobooth. This year's culinary offering was from Top Dog with both meat and veggie options. There was a dessert table sponsored by the students to top it all off; guests could embellish their desserts with a topping of their choice. 

AICHe co-Media Chair Gaurav Kamat said of the event, "This was a great time to take a break and have some fun. Midterms had just finished so we got the best attendance we've had so far for the fall festival. I feel the event fostered a sense of unity for the College, as students are normally split up taking various classes. At least for this one night, they can come together and just plain enjoy themselves."