Progress Report

To broaden the contact between graduate students and faculty, the Department of Chemistry has instituted a new step in its advising procedures effective Fall 2001. In addition to the Academic Advisor and the Research Advisor, each graduate student, upon passing their qualifying exam, will have a departmental "Associate Advisor." The Associate Advisor will be the faculty member who served as the Chair of the student's qualifying exam or a faculty member of the student's choosing. Those students who have passed their qualifying exam in the Fall should plan on meeting with their Associate Advisor by the end of the Spring semester. For those students who have taken passed their qualifying exam during the Spring semester should plan on meeting with their Associate Advisor in the Fall of their third year.

Each student will be asked to meet with their "Associate Advisor" at least once a year to discuss their progress in the program and any other issues. The best time for this to occur would be in the Spring semester. Prior to this meeting, the student research director will prepare a summary of the student research progress on the "Research Summary" form. The "Associate Advisor" will discuss the research summary provided by the research advisor with the student and write a final summation of the student's progress thus far. Each student may prepare overheads, handouts or use any media they would prefer during this annual meeting. These meetings will occur once a year until the student files their dissertation. At the end of the Ph.D. training, it is hoped that the "Associate Advisor" will offer advice regarding future training/employment, as well as providing a letter of reference.