Alumni Letters to our 2021 Graduates

Alumni Letters to 2021 Graduates

Congratulations graduates!

Background image: Student at Commencement Ceremony
Dream Big! Think Big! Shoot for the Stars!
Jinhee Park, ChemBio ‘06
Although you might be ending your undergraduate experience in your childhood bedroom on a random Thursday, this accomplishment needs to be celebrated! This was probably not the way you wanted your last year to go, and as a 2020 graduate, I can only begin to understand your pain and grief as you mourn the loss of your senior year. I am so proud of you and know that your CoC community will always be here for you, rooting for you. Cheers to your graduation, and maybe in the next year or two, we will be walking the Zellerbach stage together during our make-up CoC graduation.
Suchitra Narayanan ChemE ‘20
You have such a great future! I loved my 4 years in the College of Chemistry, especially my undergrad research and the infinitely supportive professors and grad students. I thought I might continue Chemistry in some way but things didn't end up that way ... but my CoC foundation of academics, analytical thinking and support has made all the difference. Go Bears!
Pete Miller, Chemistry ‘86
Congratulations! Your connection to Cal and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering will be forever unbroken. I graduated 1987, and the warmth in my heart, and the love and gratitude for the blessing of being able to be a part of this community have only grown over the years. I had a change of career, and my BS Chem E was the perfect springboard to anesthesiology. I have taught it, lived it, and experienced it -- including joy of working with other Cal grads in my field. Believe in yourself! And reward yourself for a job WELL DONE! Go Bears! <3
Carla St. Laurent, ChemE ‘87
I graduated in the semester of Fall 2005, before fall commencements were common. There was no fanfare, no sound of jubilee, no university sanctioned celebration to mark the occasion. I can't imagine what your expectations were, but I am sure that wasn't it. It wasn't mine, either. My hope for you is this: do something fun to remind yourself of all you've accomplished. Something to help you remember your feelings that day - a bookmark you can always turn back to that encompassed your time at Cal. I don't know who you are, but I'm cheering for you.
Jason Kong, Chemistry ‘05
Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from UC Berkeley's College of Chemistry! I received my Chemical Engineering degree from Cal 38 years ago. I still keep in close touch with my Cal roommates and former classmates. The support we gave one another, and our shared experience, led to lifelong friendships. I expect that many of you will also develop long and lasting friendships with your former Cal classmates. Nurture those friendships. They will be more valuable than you can ever imagine.
Richard Osugi, ChemE ‘83
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021! As the son of a professor in the College of Chemistry, as a graduate myself, and as the father of a graduating senior, I have a special appreciation for how the College can animate the life of those associated with it. In the years to come, you will look back at your experiences and education here as some of the most important and impactful in your life. You will see these not so much as the hard work they were but more as a gift. Leverage this gift to relentlessly pursue your passions. Satisfaction will be your reward.
Willard Foss, ChemE ‘86
Congrats on this amazing milestone, graduating from the CoC is an achievement you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Be sure to take time to enjoy this time around graduation, you deserve it!
Greg Moore, ChemBio ‘15
Congrats! It was hard and there were plenty of downs but you’ve made it to the UP!!! Your family and you should cherish the moments of celebration during such a hard earned win! There is no better feeling than having your family and friends cheer you on as you accomplish your goals and chase your dreams!
Brittany Gomez, ChemBio ‘16
Seniors, how I wish you could celebrate together- I remember my graduation ceremony from well over 30 years ago... but really only a little. The parts that matter- that I really remember- were the times in-between: Stupid jokes by my TAs at discussion sessions and labs. Midnight pizza on telegraph. Playing soccer (pre-social-distancing) on campus. And I'm so lucky to still be working on a college campus, where I'm constantly reminded of my college days. Congratulations, new graduate.
Luke Hoffman, Chemistry ‘90
Long days and nights will now pay off in your new chapter in life! After finishing at Berkeley, with its rigor and required work ethic, you will be able to face nearly anything in life. Here is to the next generation that will need to grapple with some of our gravest existential threats as a species on this Planet.
Juan Dominguez, ChemE ‘96
Dear seniors, I can't imagine what it must be like to wrap up your time at Berkeley during a global pandemic. Stay confident in your abilities and maintain a positive outlook. I will tell you a bit about my situation when I graduated. I moved to Louisiana to work for Dow Chemical. I didn't know a single soul. It was tough at first, but I made some great friends, learned a lot about new cultures. I know that you will face tremendous challenges after graduation, but you will overcome them.
Kyle Perry, ChemE ‘06
Congratulations! Continue to do your best, wherever you are, whatever you find yourself doing. Be true to yourself and find your interests (as I did!!) and find what you love to work on, improve, make the best you can. Fiat Lux!!
Peter Brewer, ChemE ‘87