Somorjai wins the 2015 Nichols Award

July 8, 2014

Chemistry professor Gabor Somorjai has won the 2015 William H. Nichols Award of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society.

The award is presented annually “to encourage original research by recognizing an outstanding contribution in the field of chemistry.” The award was established in 1902 by William H. Nichols, a president of the ACS. It is the first award authorized by the society.

Somorjai will receive the award at a ceremony to be held in New York on March 13, 2015. He joins a long list of College of Chemistry faculty members who have received the award, including Carolyn Bertozzi (2009), Neil Bartlett (1983), Paul Bartlett (1976), Henry Taube (1971), Melvin Calvin (1958), Wendell Latimer (1955), Glenn Seaborg (1948), Joel Hildebrand (1939), G. N. Lewis (1921) and William Noyes (1909).

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