Reimer receives Humboldt Research Award

July 9, 2014

CBE chair Jeffrey Reimer has received an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award. Fellowships and awards from the foundation are among the most prestigious and generous German honors.

The award allows outstanding international researchers to spend up to one year working on a long-term collaborative research project at a German research institution. Humboldt Research Awards are valued at 60,000 Euros. Reimer will be hosted by Bernhard Blümich of RWTH Aachen University, Germany’s largest technical university.

Reimer’s research involves the application of NMR spectroscopy and imaging to materials research, including studying electron–nuclear interactions in semiconductors, and characterizing the dynamics of CO2 dynamics in metal–organic frameworks.

The foundation is named in honor of Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt (1769 –1859), a German geographer, naturalist and explorer. Originally founded by von Humboldt’s friends and colleagues after his death, the foundation was reendowed by the German government after World War II to promote international academic cooperation with German scientists.

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