College alum launches another successful biotech startup

August 29, 2016

Terry Rosen giving 2016 Commencement Address

Terry Rosen—alum, donor, commencement speaker and serial biotech entrepreneur—has launched another successful start up.

Soon after selling Flexus Biosciences for $1.25 billion, Rosen co-founded Arcus Biosciences in 2015 to bring to market new therapies based on immuno-oncology. This rapidly expanding field harnesses the immune system to fight cancer.

Rosen's new startup, based in Hayward, has already raised about $120 million and seeks to place two potential products in clinical trials in 2017.

Rosen, a member of the research group of Clayton Heathcock, graduated in 1985 with a chemistry Ph.D. He has been a generous donor and an active alum. Last May, Rosen gave the 2016 commencement address in Zellerbach Hall.

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