Historic videos

2018 University Medalist

2018 University Medalist Freja Ekman

Freja Ekman (B.S. ChemBio, '18) the top 2018 senior discusses her experience at Berkeley and what's next. 

Frances Arnold's 2018 commencement address

Nobel Laureat Frances Arnold 2018 commencement speech

Arnold received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the fall of 2018 after she gave the commencement address.

Tribute to Nobel Laureate Glenn Seaborg

Tribute to Glenn Seaborg

Compilation of footage about Glenn Seaborg and his accomplishments during his long career at UC Berkeley and with the Atomic Commission.

Using MOFs for carbon capture

Capturing Carbon

UC Berkeley reseachers discuss the use of metal-organic frameworks to create new materials capable of filtering carbon from various gases.

The CHEM Study series

CHEM Study Series

48 videos in the Chemical Education Material Study developed from the 1960s to 80s at Berkeley's College of Chemistry, the Lawrence Hall of Science, and Harvey Mudd College. 

Nobel prize parking spaces

Nobel Prize Parking Spaces - Periodic Table of Videos

2012 Interview of Darleane Hoffman and Alexander Pines by Brady Haran, University of Nottingham, discussing their work on elemental discovery and working with Seaborg.

Mendelevium: the way it was

 The Way It Was

Black & white shot from 1955, found at Berkeley Lab, depicting the discovery of Mendelevium with reenactments by some of the scientists who were there. 

The search for heavy elements

Documentary about the search for heavy metals

The Search for Heavy Elements (1994) chronicles the expansion of the periodic table through the creation at Berkeley Lab of elements heavier than uranium. 

Ernest Lawrence demonstrates the cyclotron

Lawrence demonstrate the cyclotron

In this short video, Berkeley Lab Founder and Nobelist Ernest O. Lawrence uses a mechanical model to explain how the cyclotron works.

Sarpong at TedX Berkeley

RIchmond Sarpong

Richmond Sarpong invites us to reject stereotypes and redefine the face of disease in Africa. TedX talk at Berkeley, 2015.

Mariner 6 & 7 Mars Mission

NASA Mars Mariner 6 and 7 Project

Jet Propulsion Laboratory promotional video for the Mars Mariner 6 & 7 project; includes information about George Pimentel.

Jennifer Doudna - L'Oréal-UNESCO Laureate

Jennifer Doudna -- L'Oréal-UNESCO Laureate

Jennifer Doudna is interviewed after being named the North American laureate of the 2016 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science Awards.  

Biotechnology at the cutting edge

Cutting edge technology - Jay Keasling Lab

Jay Keasling discusses the promise of biological systems to create carbon-neutral products for a range of applications. 

Charles Tobias, Electrochemical Society lecture, 1982

Charles Tobias lecture

Tobias was a pioneer in the field of electrochemical engineering. Instrumental in forming the Chemical Engineering Department in 1947 at Berkeley. 

Big Game Titration

Angela Stacy

Professor Angela Stacy performs the "Big Game Titration" in 1982 ahead of the famous Cal/Stanford football match

Birgitta Whaley - Quantum Biology

Birgitta Whaely presentation on quantum biology

Professor Whaley explores phenomena happening at the intersection of quantum physics, chemistry and the life sciences.

Bob Bergman interviews William Lester

William Lester, Robert Bergman

Interview of Professor of Chemistry William Lester's life and career by Professor of Chemistry Robert Bergman.

Peidong Yang - Liquid Sunlight

Artificial Photosynthsis

Research led by Peidong Yang is developing artificial synthesis technology uses sunlight to turn CO2 and water into chemical fuels. 

Joel Hildebrand's 100th birthday celebration at the College

Joel Heldebrand 100th birthday

1981 celebration at the College of Chemisty. Participants include George Pimentel, Ken Pitzer, Rod Park, Judson King and Dan Koshland.