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For further information, about corporate support of the College of Chemistry, please contact:

Nancy Johnsen Horton
Director, Corporate and Annual Programs

Mindy Rex
Assistant Dean, College Relations and Development


To learn more about undergraduate recruiting, please contact the campus Career Center.

Recruiting of graduate students is managed in the College's two departments.

Aileen Harris
Graduate Student Advisor

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Carlet Altamirano
Graduate Student Advisor

The College of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley recognizes the importance of collaboration between industry and academia. Such interaction maintains the vitality of both. Corporate leaders are aware of the valuable resource that the College's programs, faculty and students provide – particularly as a training ground for exceptionally talented young scientists and engineers – and as a source of pioneering research that complements the missions of their organization. Corporate support is an investment in the intellectual and scientific base upon which our future economic growth depends.

In order to obtain better access to this valuable resource, many corporations and organizations support the efforts of the College and its departments by becoming benefactors. There is a wide array of ways that industry and organizations can become supporters of the College of Chemistry. Click here to see the college's list of corporate supporters.

The following chart illustrates the diverse variety of College programs that are supported by industry. (Click on labels to view more details.)

Pie chart of college programs supported by industry pie chart of programs research Dean's Special Projects Student Support Faculty Research Unrestricted Support Chairs and Professorships Visiting Industrial Scientists Gifts-in-Kind

Dean's Special Projects 50%
Over the past five years, complete renovation of the College's outdated undergraduate laboratories has been the dean's highest priority. Corporate support of this mission, highlighted by a particularly generous gift from The Dow Chemical Company Foundation, accounted for about half of the gift revenue received from corporations and organizations.

Support from our industrial partners is key to the success of important projects, and to the overall campaign effort that reaches out to the College's alumni, parents and friends.

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Student Support 18%
Corporations may name and fund a graduate student fellowship for an academic year or a semester. The cost to support a domestic graduate student including tuition, fees and stipend for one year is roughly $65,000. Fellows often form a close relationship with the corporate funder through research reports, internships and site visits.

Current fellowships have been generously supported by Amgen Inc.; Arkema Inc.; Chevron Corporation; Eli Lilly and Company; Lam Research and Novartis, Inc.

Undergraduate student scholarships are named and given to honor outstanding undergraduate students in a particular area of study or with high academic merit. There is a great deal of potential for interaction between the corporate funder and scholarship recipients through visits, reports, etc. Chevron Corporation; Merck & Company and Pfizer Inc. provide scholarships in the College.

Corporations support student societies as well. The Berkeley student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee serve undergraduates and graduate students respectively in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Department of Chemistry undergraduates join Alpha Chi Sigma, the co-ed chemistry fraternity, and chemistry graduate students have the Graduate Life Committee. All four student organizations gratefully accept corporate donations. Generous donors to student societies include: BP America; Chevron Corporation; Dow Chemical Company; ExxonMobil; Genentech, Inc.; Intel Corporation; Merck & Company and Abbvie Inc.

Corporate-funded awards and prizes can bring visibility to the company through publicity of a cash award or prize given to a student for a contest or other competition. Companies that have supported awards and prizes include Dow Chemical Company; Genentech, Inc.; Merck & Company and Novartis, Inc.

The Student Enhancement Fund was instituted to provide an opportunity for corporate partners to help sponsor events that directly benefit undergraduates during the academic year. Small gifts are encouraged from corporations that have an interest in recruiting our undergraduate students. Corporate publicity is featured at activities supported by the Student Enhancement Fund such as the Senior Class Campaign kickoff dinner, AutumnFest, SpringFest and Commencement. Student Enhancement Fund donors are BP America; Chevron Corporation; Dow Chemical Company and Procter and Gamble Company.

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Faculty Research 10%
Outstanding professors are the cornerstone of the College of Chemistry's success. Faculty research support can range from unrestricted gifts directed to a particular faculty member's research to contracts and specific research agreements with deliverables. The following links lead to faculty lists in the two departments.

Companies that typically support faculty research are: 3M; Agilent Technologies; Agiltron; Amgen, Inc.; CooperVision, Inc.; Fathomsensors, Inc.; Hummingbird Scientific; Johnson & Johnson; Micron Technology; Novartis, Inc.; Robert Bosch Corporation; and Sigma-Aldrich.

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Unrestricted Support 8%
Unrestricted support, in the form of a gift to the College of Chemistry, is used at the discretion of the dean to fund new projects, handle faculty retention issues and meet unexpected needs. Gifts to the Departments of Chemistry or Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are similarly used by the department chairs. Companies that have provided the College or its departments with unrestricted support include: Asubio Pharma Co., Ltd.; Bayer Corp.; Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd.; Genentech, Inc.; Growth Sector Company; Hitachi; JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

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Chairs and Professorships 8%
Corporate named and endowed chairs and professorships have long been a prestigious mainstay in the College. An endowed chair provides funds to a tenured professor in support of teaching, research and service activities within the College. Chairs may be used to honor a distinguished member of the faculty or to attract to the Berkeley campus a valuable new professor. Corporate-funded chairs in the College of Chemistry include the Chevron Chair in Chemistry, the Merck Chair in Biochemical Engineering, the Dow Chair in Sustainable Chemistry and the Lam Research Distinguished Chair in Semiconductor Processing.

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Seminars, Lectures and Symposia 2%
Many annual seminars, lectures and symposia are named for and supported by corporate partners. Attended by hundreds of faculty and student scholars, these events bring publicity to the sponsor and contribute to the lively interaction between industry and academia. Lectures and colloquia have been funded by these industrial partners: Abbvie, Inc.; Advance Research Chemicals; BASF Corporation; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Dow Chemical Company; Eastman Chemical Company; ExxonMobil; Genentech; Grace Davison; Novartis, Inc.; Sigma-Aldrich and Strem Chemicals, Inc.

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Visiting Industrial Scientists 2%
Faculty wishing to include a visiting industrial scientist to their research group for an academic year may enter into a corporate agreement. The gift is given without expected deliverables and supports the visitor's expenses during the visit. Visiting industrial scientist funding arrangements include an unrestricted gift to the College of Chemistry. Visiting industrial scientists have been supported by: Asubio Pharma Co., Ltd.; Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd.; Hitachi; Japan Patent Office; JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

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Gifts-In-Kind 1%
Gifts-in-kind of equipment, software or other tangible goods are accepted by the departments, graduate and undergraduate research groups. The gift's value is determined by the donor. 44 Energy Technologies; Agilent Technologies; Boehringer Ingelheim and Generon IGS are generous donors of equipment.

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Research Centers and Programs 1%

Corporate sponsors support many College research centers and programs, including the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, Synthetic Biology Institute and the College of Chemistry Scholars Program. Consortium membership in or support to College research centers gives industrial partners a close-up affiliation with some of our most interesting research. Corporations that support initiatives like the Scholars Program – which provides outreach and retention to students who are historically underrepresented – play a valuable role in ensuring diversity in the chemical science fields.

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